July 15, 2021




Life Happens Wherever you are...

Hola todas! How was your week? This week was fun, not too much exciting news but everyday is great! 
It was really cool, we had a call with this person named Roxy, she is awesome! We were explaining the Book of Mormon to her and where it came from and she was super excited to hear more. She said when we talked about it, she felt so happy and wanted to hear more. She's is reading a lot of it and loves it. The only problem is she only speaks Spanish, and my Spanish is pretty much terrible. I can understand some, but can't contribute all that much yet. I'm getting there though.
The other main thing is that yesterday we had zone conference. It was fantastic! We talked a lot about baptism and why we were baptized, especially for those of us who were baptized at age 8 because this has been our whole life. We didn't really know a life without the gospel. So I want everyone to reflect with me about why YOU got baptized. What did you feel, why is it important and why did you get baptized and become a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Many people out here always talk down to us because we are young and our parents probably made us believe in this church, but if that were the case, I could not be out here and be happy about it. This is the most amazing work and the best I could be doing right now!
It's always interesting when people say you are putting your life on hold for two years, because thats not really true. You may be putting aside personal goals for a little bit, but your life is just taking a transition to a new place. Life is still happening and it doesn't stop. This is what I chose to do and this is what life is now and I couldn't be happier! Obviously there are many hard days, but it never gets so bad that I wish wasn't here. 
I love you all and love all the support you've given me! Stay true to yourself and be amazing!
-Elder Knudsen1. The greatest mtc comp there is!2-4 this is all for a missionary purpose I promise5. Dude perfect


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