June 23, 2021





Hello everybody! How was the week? Literally every week just flys by! It is so much fun. We have been making pump up videos for our zone recently and they are a lot fun.
I have some big news, I am now a page admin over our district's Facebook page. It's actually pretty fun, but none of us know how to use Facebook super well, so it is a little stressful. We also need to report numbers of how many people saw our posts into excel and none of us know how to use that super well either, so we almost deleted everything our first time. But, we're doing good now.
Some other big news is that Duncan was baptized on Saturday! It was so cool! He has been taught since October and he knows a lot of missionaries so we had lots of missionaries there to show support. Duncan was so happy all day! And the next day, I was able to confirm him and give him the gift of the holy ghost. It was  so amazing!
One more piece of big news is that we are preparing our friend Reed for his baptism this Saturday. We have like one more thing to teach him and he will be ready. The only problem is he is very introverted, so its hard to introduce him to members and get him involved in the ward, but other than that he seems pretty excited for this Saturday 
And real quick, I have a funny story. So about a week ago we gave our friend Amber a priesthood blessing to help her quit smoking. However, apparently we didn't quite explain how it works exactly because she asked us to pray for her friend. She also told us that she even did the thing where she put her hands on his head and prayed for him that way. Soooo... there are a couple things we need to explain a little better.
Also, this week I have been reading Ether and the Brother of Jared is so flippin cool! I don't have a lot of wise words other than go read it and see how awesome he is.
Love yall so much!
- Elder Knudsen1. Us and Duncan2. All the missionaries there3.district lunch4. Storms brewin


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