June 16, 2021




Finished 1st Transfer

Buenos días a todos! Cómo han estado? As you can probably tell, my Spanish is about the same, but I am still working on it.
So this week we have been preparing for a baptism. It is for our friend Duncan. He is literally the coolest guy! He looks pretty much like post malone. He has been taught for a long time because his parents do not like this church and are not supportive. He turns 18 on Friday, so he will be able to be baptized on Saturday. He definitely needs prayers right now because there is a 50 50 chance he will be kicked out of his home. He has the strongest testimony of the gospel and is content either way because he knows this is the right decision.
We have been also having lessons with Amber almost every day. It is so cool because she loves what we are teaching and is sharing everything we share with her to almost anyone. She goes to random people and tells them how important the Book of Mormon is. It is cool to see her be a missionary just in her home. Recently we've been helping her to quit smoking and she has been doing good so far, but could use prayers as well.
Also this week, we have had a few people als what is so special about the Book of Mormon and where is a scripture that shows us its true. Its kind of interesting because I never thought of a specific spot that testifies of its truth to me. After thinking, I found that King Benjamin's address in Mosiah is something so special to me. Especially chapter 3 where it talks about the atonement. So I want to ask you all, where in the Book of Mormon testifies so strongly of its truth to you? Where do you feel the spirit so strongly you can't keep the excitement in? Then, share that excitement, any way you can. It will be something so special to you and to those who hear your testimony.
Love you all so much!
- Elder KnudsenSorry for the lack of pictures, here's a waterfall


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