June 9, 2021




Boiled for Safety

Hello everybody! How has the week been? It was amazing over here. I literally had the most spiritual lesson ever this week! But first I want to start with a spiritual thought. 
This week I have been studying how to recognize the holy ghost. In the scriptures it refers to receiving the holy ghost as a baptism of fire. I assumed that referred to the feeling you get when you feel the spirit, but there is so much more. Under holy ghost on the bible dictionary it refers to the baptism of fire as a cleansing, which reminded me of when you cook a fire stick before you put food on it or when you boil something to get the germs out. The holy ghost helps with this process.
So, on Tuesday, we called a guy who made dirty jokes as we were trying to teach about the restoration. We told him that he is not inviting the spirit so we would call him later. He said that was fine and probably didn't expect us to call him. We planned to contact him on Saturday and see what would happen. Eventually he called us. On Friday we got a call and we weren't sure who it was because we don't always save numbers. Turns out it was him. He gave us a fake name and his real name is Andy. He sounded teary eyed over the phone and explained to us that the night we called him, his friend crashed on his motorcycle and died. He called us for a message of hope. We shared about the plan of salvation and how his friend is in the spirit world learning this same gospel that we can teach him. We also shared alma 40:11 about how everyone is recieved into God's arms. The spirit was so strong as we talked with him. And we have plans to talk with him more.Later, on Saturday, we got a call from someone who was also teary eyed. Turns out she was the girlfriend of Andy's friend. Andy gave her our number and she called us. We shared the same message and are planning to teach her more.Its was crazy to see a guy makin bad jokes, then being so desperate to call strangers for help. The holy ghost was definitely with him and he has a real want for peace and we are so excited to talk with both of them.
This week has been so amazing! Everyday we meet new people who need God's help. Not all of them want that quite yet, but if we can just plant a seed, we have done a good job. This work is something truly incredible
I love you all so much! Remember to pray and read the scriptures everyday, they have so much power in your life! 
Love,Elder Knudsen1. When lesson goes overtime2. Message from a recent convert3. The prettiest guitar ever4. Cereal meeting with the Zls


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