May 26, 2021




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Hello everybody! How has your week been?
This week was supercool, we have another person on date to be baptized and I am so excited! She is so cool. We gave her a Book of Mormon and asked her to read 10 verses a day. After the first day she said, " I can't just read 10 verses, I need to find out what happens next" it was so cool! She wants to learn and wants to better, we were going to invite her to church, then she asked if she could come to church. We were like, of course!
This week I have also had a chance to practice mySpanish, and I am so bad at it. I can understand when we use it in the apartment, but when there is even a small accent I'm completely lost. We have a couple lessons with an inactive family and a Spanish investigator, so I need to get better fast. One guy we taught was super nice, and he laughed at me a lot, but was impressed I was at least trying. 
Last Friday we had zone conference and Elder Aidukitis of the 70 came and spoke to us. He is so funny and we learned a lot about teaching families and making sure we put our love for God first. It was also cool because we talked about why we do transfers and exchanges with other missionaries. Because we can learn from a missionary, teach another and the knowledge of missionary work circles around and everyone can indirectly learn from each other.
I have learned so much this week and have become so excited to teach people and have seen lessons more as an opportunity and a privilege as opposed to something I have to do. 
I was studying in 3 Nephi 11 today and I thought it was interesting how it said the voice pierced there souls. I just think th word choice is interesting because it can be compared to how the nails and spear pierced the Savior. Later in the chapter God says to the people of Nephi, this is my son in whom I am well pleased, hear ye him. Sound familiar, it is about the same thing He says to Joseph Smith in the first vision. 
I love yall and love your letters! Talk to you next week
- Elder Knudsen


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