May 12, 2021




Rocky Top

What is up people? I made it to Tennessee and boy has it been a long week. I got here on Wednesday and I think that was close to the worst day ever. I had basically no sleep, I was travelling all day, and I was so homesick. However after just a week out here, I have already had a full 180 and am enjoying the work immensely. I am in a quad, so there are two companions. There is me and Elder Austin, and Elder Hovanski and Elder Lauano. Elder Lauano is from Hawaii and he has so many cool stories to tell about home and his ancestory. It is way cool to learn about. All of them are so cool and they helped me so much with the transition to the mission field.
 For most of the day we do what is called Cold Calling, where we literally call random numbers starting from743-0000 to 0001 and up. It becomes hard to keep a positive attitude at times because more people hang up on us rather than listen to us, but when someone does listen, oh my gosh it is amazing. 
It's crazy because many people are willing to talk about their beliefs with two strangers on the phone. We met a guy who is still in high school and doesn't know much about the church. We sent him a virtual link to the Book of Mormon and asked him to read the title page and to pray to know if this book is true. We called him again on monday to find out that he read to 1 Nephi 5 and he understood what was happening. To me that was insane. It took me forever to understand what was going in the scriptures, but he had an amazing sense of what was going on on his first time. It was amazing! He hadn't prayed about it yet, so we invited him to read some more and again we asked him to pray about it and he said he would. I am so excited to talk to him again this week to se what else he is learning and to teach him more.
Also, yesterday I was reading the first vision again and holy crap it is amazing. I was noticing the words used to describe the event. Joseph Smith described that it was a clear morning, he found himself alone, and offered his first vocal prayer. However, shortly after, there was thick darkness, a presence had seized him, and his toungue was bound so he could not speak. The adversary knew what Joseph had seen that brought him comfort and turned it all around. Even though Joseph was in darkness, he still 'exerted all his powers to call upon God' and he was delivered. We often find things that bring comfort and it becomes turned all the way around til we only see darkness. However we can exert all our powers and be delivered into the light agaim through God and Jesus Christ. I know He lives and that He will strengthen us through all things. I have felt this strength this week and it is truly amazing! Read the first vision again because there is so much wisdom in thise words. I love it so much! I love you all so much! Thank you for all the letters and the prayers. You are all amazing, love ya bye!
-Elder Knudsen
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