April 10, 2021




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¡Hola todos!
As you can probably tell by the subject title, we switched to spanish this week. The days have become a little longer during the switch, but hopefully it will be shorter next week.
So, wednesday was the official switch to the Mexico MTC or CCM. Since then we have mostly learned how to have a simple conversation, introduce ourselves, and how to give a simple prayer and testimony. It's becoming very exciting to see what I can do during this process, but I still have a long way to go. I get excited when I can understand a whole sentence from my teacher because they only speak spanish. I think next week we are going to start learning the lessons in preach my gospel in spanish, which I don't think I am quite ready for yet.
Speaking of teaching lessons, today we also had our first TRC in spanish. I was so nervous the whole time, but fortunately it was only 15 minutes and it was mainly what we had been practicing: A simple conversation, a prayer, we shared a scripture and our testimonies, and then ended with another prayer. So nothing too complicated. However it was still all in spanish, so there were a few times I sat in silence while I 'let' Elder Godfrey take the reins. 
Oh! Also, how great was General Conference? I loved it so much! I especially loved President Nelson's talk in the Priesthood Session and how he talked about how we need to make our homes a place of serenity and security. There were so many good things said last week and I know that is not a lot of information, but it was all awesome. I hope you all get a chance to listen to it. Me and Elder Godfrey set a goal to listen to two talks a week so we can hear them all by next conference. I am really bad a relistening to them, but I think I am getting better at it.
That's all for now, so I hope y'all enjoy the rest of your day!
-Elder Knudsen


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