April 3, 2021




The Thing About Icebergs Is...

Hola todos las personas! How are all of you? This week was so amazing!
We started learning spanish this week! We have an hour class each day and so far we've learned simple phrases and are learning how to pray in spanish. It has been very fun and exciting so far, but I am struggling in some areas. I can pronounce the words mostly fine, but It is hard for me to memorize the things we talk about each day. I am practicing every day  and it will come, but I hope it's sooner rather than later.
I think I mentioned it last week, but me and Elder Godfrey had our first TRC's this week. This is where we teach an actor a lesson from the Preach My Gospel through zoom. We had two appointments this week. The first one was with Mallory and it was ok... I thought it went great at first because we taught everything we wanted to and felt the spirit as we taught. However, we got our score back and it was, undesirable. We realized that we didn't really ask questions to help Mallory, but said what we wanted to say and not what needed to be said. 
On thursday though, it was much better. We taught someone named Catherine and this lesson was much better. When we were planning what to teach, Elder Godfrey was oddly calm. We were looking at scripture and he laughed because he found a scripture in Helaman that talks about how the earth rotates around the sun and not the other around. He loves astronomy and thought this was funny because it was about 1600 years before this discovery was recorded. I was waiting for further explanation, but that was it. I said, "ok, so what do you think we should teach for the TRC." Godfrey said, "I'm not sure, but I think if we study the lesson on our own, then we can meet tomorrow and figure out what we should say specifically." I was like, Elder, we are meeting with her in 5 minutes. I could see him realize that it was today and not tomorrow. We made a quick plan to pray and see what happens. This actually helped us tremendously though. We were able to adjust lesson plans to fit her needs and we didn't feel like we needed to rush through anything. We could just talk and teach.
This week we also talked about teaching the Plan of Salvation which had an emphasis on Jesus Christ on earth and on the Atonement especially since Easter was coming up. It was interesting to read familiar scriptures in the MTC because I was able to see them in a new light and with a different understanding. Especially the scriptures Mosiah 3:7-10 and 3 Nephi 11:10-17. They are just amazing and it was beautiful to know that He went through the Atonement specifically for me and specifically for you. 
It's interesting, because the thing about the MTC is that there is so much more to it than learning to teach. A main focus and goal is to be able to be a successful missionary through teaching and serving others. However, there is so much Spiritual Growth that happens here. It is at home for me, but I have still felt the spirit help me so much and I have felt my testimony grow each and every day. I learn so much each day and what's cool is, it's not just information. It is a way to bless my life and, if applied right, I can bless the lives of others I meet.
I want you all to read these scriptures I mentioned, as well as other scriptures you feel like studying, and as you do, think about Who is Jesus Christ to YOU, and How do you know He went through the Atonement for you specifically?
Love you all very much!Con Amor,Elder Knudsen
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