March 27, 2021




Week one!!!

  Hello everybody! This has been the longest week ever. I am used to waking up at about 10, so waking up at 6:30 kind of changes things. I learned there is a lot to do in the day if you wake up early. It's actually really nice. 
I officially started the MTC on wednesday at 4:30 and we just had an orientation type thing and it was super cool. We've also been doing a lot of classes, obviously, and it can be draining to say the least. Each day I have 2 classes, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The afternoon classes are generally about doctrine, ways to teach, and learning effective ways to study while the morning class is usually applying what we learn into different scenarios like introducing ourselves or how to study for specific questions.
In between classes we have a four and a half hour break where I do anything from companion study to walking outside because my MTC is in the basement. The first two days I took a nap at this time so I could be a wake for the afternoon class, but waking up felt like waking up the next day. But it wasn't, so it made for a long rest of the day. Yesterday I thought that I shouldn't take a nap because then maybe the day would go by faster. HUGE mistake. That was the longest day yet and I almost didn't stay awake the rest of class.
We are also supposed to learn spanish, and I think I was more nervous for that than anything else. As I was getting ready for classes, I kept worrying about learning spanish and if I was going to be able to understand spanish. Then something really cool happened. We found out that we are part of a pilot program where for the first two weeks of the MTC we will learn very little spanish. Woo hoo! We will just complete the first two weeks like any one else would, with a couple of spanish classes in between. Then, after week two we will start to transfer everything into spanish, which made me relieved. The learning is a bit more spread out so I have a little more free time in the day to clear my thoughts and just relax for a minute.
Also, my district is awesome! There are ten of us and everyone is so cool. Everyone has unique thoughts to share each day in class. I love hearing their thoughts. My companion is Elder Godfrey. He has so much wisdom and so much insight. Whenever I bring up a scripture or gospel topic, he has something very inspiring to add each time and it is amazing to hear his thoughts on what we are learning.
Overall, I have really enjoyed these last few days and I am so excited to be here, but it has been a serious change to my normal day to day life. That is not a bad thing though. I have had challenges making this adjustment, but I have definitely felt the spirit more often in day than anytime before. Since my main focus has switched to studying scriptures and using them to teach others, it has been a huge blessing! I am excited to learn more in the next week especially as we are going to start practicing teaching the lessons in Preach My Gospel to proxy investigators. I am so nervous about this, but I am sure it'll all work out by the time I get there.That's all for now! Love you all!-Elder Knudsen
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