September 22, 2018


Provo MTC


Elder Stokes

First email home

Well this is my first email home. I have not died yet! so that good! Well ill give you a play by play.

WED: I got dropped off and then they walked me to a building where they said go in there and theyll tell you what to grab. And so I walked in and got my name tag and put it on instantly. Super offical. and then the gave me a schedule and a room key. and they i went back out and met my host (the person who showing me around). Then I dropped of my bags and off to spanish class. I was the last one to set up to my companion ( the only person alone) stood up and was like hello I am your campanion. And then that was it we studied spanish for 2 hours and then went and got dinner. Then had another class. on spanish. of course. and then we went to meet our zone leaders and they are super nice they are in a trio and all of them says it sucks more then just a duo. But its all good

THUR: We decided to get up at 6 am earlier so we can go to the showers and not have to deal with people. which is nice and all but it makes me very tired. But that is okay. and then breakfast and study time. then more more more more spanish classes. then lunch and then a break to study and then spanish. then dinner then a workshop on understanding people. then study then bed. its just go go go

FRI: We got up early again hahahhahahhah to shower. and then it was the same as the day before. we jsut got up studied and then spanish and eat and spanish and eat and spanish. But today we had our first exercise time and 2 of my companions (Elder Johnson y Elder Stokes) are like big into working out and so they are going to help me and Elder Temple gain muscles hahahhahh we are so weak rip. But its all good! Today we are having to pray in spanish and it is super hard. And im praying to hard to speak spanish and i just cant get it yet. But that okay i wont for like 6 months. But its all good! things are going great and im super happy.

SAT: today we only got a half a P day cause we are new and we have to have some classes in the morning. And now im emailing and then we are getting lunch and then working out and then we are studing and then dinner and then more studying more and then we have class unil 9:15 and then we can go relax and study in our rooms.'

So far i have loved the mtc i love learning all the time and i love the schedule nad my companion is awesome! we are very diffrent but we like alot of the same stuff. His name is Elder Stokes he is from arkansas and he played foot ball and thats super cool!

The other people in my room are just amazing! they are elder temple and elder johnson! they are a huge blessing they are so fun and like our best friends here in the mtc. They are just so funny but we are all so very diffrent from each other.

Well ill talk to you next week! love you guys!


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