March 26, 2018


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crazy week lots of changes

First thing is first, Me and Lubrano won "baptizers of the month" in the
mission newspaper so that was lit. Our dear Elder Lubrano was trasnfered.He
will be serving a special mission in the hardest area of the mission in
Bagé. Man i love that argentinan. Luckily we had tow baptisms this week on
Wedensday. It was cool because we put the ward missionaries to baptize and
they got excited as heck. WE baptized Maria and Elizabete. Elizabete was
really ready to receive our message. She was taught tons of times by the
missionaries but randomly called us in the street saying that she was now
ready to be baptized. Miracle.
This ward loves Elder Lubrano. Everyone got together to give a farwell
party for him. Which is pretty crazy being that we received the transfer at
5 pm and the party was ready at 8pm filled with food....i think someone
broke the sabbath day because that dont make sense. Anyways i will miss
that guy. My new companion is an american! Elder Watson from Las Vegas. His
dad is the owner of 32 McDonalds in Nevada and another 16 in Arizona.
Should be great!
Something really insane happened this week. I was with Elder Chipana on
exchanges when President called me. He said that we needed to stop what we
were doing and go to our church building because he would be waiting there
for us. I was really confused and kinda nervous because president always
does the transfers on Satruday. We got there and President took me and
chipana and put us in a room. He made us say a prayer then started teaching
us about God´s eternal plan and talked about the atonement. I wasnt
understanding anything. He talked a lot about how we have lots of sudden
endings in our lives and we dont know why we suffer these endings and lots
of times ask oursleves "why me?". I was lost as heck. He then got real
serious and shed a tear. He bore his testimony about how when he was
preparing for a mission his mom passed a way and it was the hardest thing
for him. In then had hit me that someone had died. However i didnt have
fear. I knew that i was giving my best on my mission and i trust in God´s
plan. He then looked at me for about 3 seconds then looked at Elder Chipana
and said, "My friend, the lord needed your father. Your father passed away
this morning." Elder Chipana started to cry. I was in shock. I felt so bad
for him. His dad was only 53 years old. After he had given the news he told
me that i could leave the room and started talking with Elder Chipana. I
was in the hallway kinda in shock. I dont know why he let me hear all of
that. After about an hour Elder Chipana left the room and said that he
would continue on his mission. He is an example to me. His dad isnt a
member but Elder Chipana said he would be honoring his dad´s name being a
missionary. It was very emocional. President Cruz then told me that he had
left me in that room so that i could feel a little bit of the pain that
Chipana was feeling so that i could help him. I´m glad that ill be living
with him another transfer.
Everyone remember that even though on the news we see lots of the "bad"
people in the world, there are a whole lot of good people also.
Elder Morrow

adapter broke so ill send pics next week


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