October 30, 2017


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Another week in Arroio
Well this week was pretty crazy. Lots of people hear hates the
missionaries. We started out the week preparing Paloma for baptism. Paloma
is a little girl thats nine years old but lives with her grandparents who
are both strong members and raised her. She wanted to be baptized so we´ve
been preparing her and everything looked good for this Saturday when
randomly her real mom (who legally doesnt have her birth right and hates
mormons) decided that she would buy Heelys for Paloma if she wasnt
baptized. HEELYS Yall remember Heelys from 2007? Those shoes with the
little wheels to skate around? Yeah Paloma sold her salvation for fricken
heelys. Just like Judas. But Paloma is just nine years old and heelys are
pretty cool so I dont blame her.
Then the week got kinda ridculous when this dude is trying to stop us
from teaching people. There is a family of recent-converts with two teenage
girls. We´ve been teaching their mom as well as their neighbors. Well their
uncle doesnt like us. He was freed from prison two weeks ago and is now
living with his sister who is the mom of these two teenage girls. He has a
fricken ankle detector so the police will always know where he is at
because he´s already killed before. Anyways, we´ve been teaching a quite a
bit of people on his street but he also has been visiting them telling them
to not let us enter next time because our church is of the devil. BUT
sunday we brought his family and some investigators that live on his street
to church. HAHA take that ankle detector!
Okay so a spirtual experience of the week. The branch president
called us Saturday night wanted us to visit him. Elder Patrício and I got
to his house and he didnt seem pretty good. He then explained to us that he
has been wanted to quite. He said that being President of the Branch has
been really hard here in Arroio Dos Ratos but he doesnt want to quit. We
invited him to say a prayer. That was the most powerful prayer I´ve ever
heard. He was directly talking with our Heavenly Father. After the prayer
we left a message with him about how a calling is for us to grow. We dont
have to be talented to recieve a calling. We just have to be willing. He
felt a lot better after and said he would continue as Branch president
because he knows what God wants.
Man i love the mission
Elder Morrow

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