November 13, 2017


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Re: BYU essay Q-#2

I noticed a common problem that had been happening in not only in my
community but the world. My whole life I waited excitingly for the day that
I would turn 16. I dreamed of the day that I could go on dates with my
friends. Sadly, all my excitement went away when I turned 16 years old. No
one in my highschool went on dates. It was a trend to just date one person
all high school and when you hang out with that person you just went to the
movie theater or went to prom. How lame was that. I was very dissappointed.
The era of dating had died. My parents always telled me stories of all the
fun dates they went on in high school. I really wanted to have those some
stories to tell to my kids one day. I got together with my three closest
guy friends and we decided to put a stop to this nonscense. First we came
up with date ideas. We made a list of about 100 fun but cheap dates. Making
smores in the desert, riding longboards on the college bridge, making a
home made slip and slide, going on a hike in the national park, making a
jump park ect...After we had created a list we decided to start asking
girls on dates. We started a tradition that every friday night would be
date night with one of the date ideas each night. The first dates were a
huge success and the girls loved it. They started telling all their friends
aobut the dates and everyone wanted to go on the group dates. Eventually
the girls started asking us on dates. After about three weekends of date
night a lot othger of our friends started wanting to join in so we opened
the date group to a bigger group. Our incial three guy friends turned into
8-10 couples. Instead of friday nights we started going in dates friday and
saturday. The Date List that we created was spread to the whole high school
throuigh social medias. Eventually other schools so the Date List and
started doing some of the dates. After about six months the whole city was
going on dates. It wasnt just our group but everyone was going on dates
almost every night and even better many guys and girls started ADDING ideas
to the Date List and some people even created their own. The date list
exploded with great ideas and because of our ideas to go on dates we really
changed teenage life in our city. Everyone was going on a date with a
differnt person every night and we started to kill one on one dating. I
know that we can make a differnce in our community when we take our talents
and ideas and put them into practice.

mom make this sound good

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Have you become aware of a significant need in your family, school, and/or
community? Please explain how you have worked toward meeting that need.
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