November 13, 2017


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Re: BYU essay Q-#1

Something that I always think about that I believe makes the difference in
everything and anything is the importance of attitude. Its a simpe concept
but really makes all of the diference. Ohe time i had a professor that told
me "You cant choose the cards that you are given but you can choose how to
play them". Many times in life it´s easy to get discouraged. Many times it
appears that others were given easier standards, more talent, more many, or
even a better life. However, like my profesor taught me, we dont choose the
gifts or talents or many we get howver we choose our attitdude with what we
have. When I think about the importance of my attitude I can really be my
true potential. I´ve had many expereinces in my life that attitude has
shown a difference in the outcome of people´s life. In my childhood i
recall of a friend of mine that had the worst attitude. He comlained about
everything, although being healthy and being born with enremarkable
talents, nothing was good enough for me. He always had a problem with
something or someone. Due to this weakness, he became a very sad person and
more importanly, switched his great potential for a life full of
reconiclaiton. In my time in Brazil i might the opposite of this friend. I
met Irmã Vaul. Irmã Vaul was a mom of two kids. She was a widow and becuase
of an accident lost the ability of her two legs and was wheel chair bound
for the rest of her life. Imagine a single mom having to raise two
daughters without being able to move around let alone be able to walk. She
had every right t complain and be dsicouraged. But Irmã had something that
others didnt that was a good attitude. INstead of saying "I dont have the
ability to walk." She said, "I´m grateful i have the ability of my arms!"
She started her bread shop and made bread and sweets to make a living. Her
bread and sweats were so tasty that the bread shop grew into a market. She
then had money to support her daughters and give them a good education. She
rolled her daughters to school in the wheel chair, went to the bread shop,
then picked her kids up from school pushing along her wheel chair. She
raised her kids in the church, teaching them the importance of going to
church each sunday without having an excuse to stay home. Today, irma vaul
is retired and happy and her two daughters are married and sealed in the
temple. Irma vaul really tught me that it doesnt matter what problem or
diffuclty you have, if you have a good attitdue you will truly live a happy
life. This halpedme a lot on my mission when i arrived in areas that were
needed a lot of help. instead of getting dsicousarged i have a great
attitude and this attitude spread to the members making each and every area
a sucess. This also helped me in high school be a better athlete and a
better student. Most importantly my attitude helped me be a better person.
When i strive to have a good attitdude I´m able to reach my full potential
in each and every aspect in my life. How grateful I am to have put when i
learned about attitude in practice each day of my life being not alone a
happy person but also helping others be happier.

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Essay 1- describe a topic, idea or concept (other than gospel related)
that you find so engaging that it makes you lose all track of time. Why
does it captivate you? What or who do you turn to when you want to learn
more about this?
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