February 27, 2017


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So this week was pretty dang good. We had that big change in our
mission last week with numbers so this week was the first week we actually
got to test it out. It´s way more easy and now we can focus a lot more on
our investigators than numbers. We´ve been finding some great new
investigators and we have an awesome lake on people to teach now.
Well this week is CARNIVAL. Carnival is a holiday in Brazil where
everyone runs around in the street naked and gets drunk as heck and I´m
still not sure what the is the point of this holiday. It lasts about four
days. Luckily it´s pretty weak here in Camaquã because everyone leaves and
heads to the neighboring city, Arambare, where there is a beach. The church
being smart always haves camps for the youth during Carnival. The stake has
one and also the ward. Maryon and Jessica got to go to EFY this week which
is way cool. They should return about Thursday so that´s gunna be cool to
see them again. But i aint going to lie it´s a pretty dang crazy holiday. I
can´t even imagine what its like in Rio de Janeiro now.
Okay so one day this week was probably one of the most spiritual
days of my mission. So a lot happened but I´ll just give you the
highlights. So we visited this 19 year old girl that has depression. Her
dad is a crack addict so you can guess how bad it is there. We taught her
the plan of salvation and it was so cool for me to see how much this gospel
can change the lives of people. We left that lesson and she already looked
like a completely different person. How lucky are we as members to have a
knowledge of this plan. Ok and after that we meet Alfonso. Alfonso is a 40
year old man (he´s married legally thank goodness) that has a very strong
disease. This disease like literally eats his bones and he´s has it the
last four years. We taught him how the gospel can heal him and how God is
the greatest medic. The next day he read we visited him his disease was
literally going away. All the scars on his body were fading. He was at
church sunday and the teacher of gospel principles promised him that one
day he will testify of thia gospel and how it cured him. Man that was cool.
At the end of the day we got to teach Cândida. I don´t think I´ve
ever felt the spirit stronger in a lesson. So Cândida is Versli´s mom and
she´s preparing for baptism. But her problem is that she´s been fighting
with her daughter in law about her house. Cândida lives in a house with her
son and his wife. Recently, Cândida and her daughter law started fighting
about who´s the owner of the house. It´s a complicated story but basically
the daughter in law wants Cândida to leave her own house so she can live in
it alone with her husband and son. Cândida deciced that she was gunna leave
the house and live with her other son who lives in other city that does´nt
even have the church there so it would be like impossible to go to church
if she lived there. Elder Caetano started talking and said that Cândida is
the rightfully owner and that she should just divide the house in two and
just not talk to her sister in law. At that moment the spirit touched me
and i started thinking of what the Savior woulod do. They have lived in
that house toghether almost 7 years. I told her that she would have to
apoligize to her daughter in law. She said "but why me? Shes the one in the
wrong?" I testified how lots of times other people were in the wrong when
our savior forgave them. It´s definetly not the easiest thing to do, but
sometimes we have to let go of our pride and apoligize to people even when
they are in the wrong. Cândida started to cry. She knew what Jesus would
do. She also knew it wouldn´t be easy. Here in Brazil, older people are
very respected, so when they have to apoligize to people younger to them
many people think its a sign of weakness. We explained how this shows that
she is strong not weak. Right then Verseli started bearing her testimony on
how baptism changed her life. She said that her and Paulo fought a lot and
were too prideful to say sorry to one another but after baptism they let
their pride go and became humble. They forgave one another and live a happy
life now.
My invitation for you guys is really to be more humble. It´s definetly
not easy to give up our pride but it solves many problems and gives us real
peace. I´m grateful for my mission and all the little lessons I learn
Have a good week guys
Elder Morrow
Some Grafiti for yáll
Me, My campianion, and a fat Chillian (from Chili)


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