May 8, 2017


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So this week was pretty dang good. This ward is awesome literally
everyone treats the missionaries like we are heros. We have members just
call us randomly and our like "How are you guys do you need help with
something?". Also I aint even kidding when i say members fight over who
will feed us tell me that ain´t the coolest thing. No one deserves to serve
here lol. I´m gunna get fat as heck here. (the members are also pretty rich
i aint lying)
Okay so we worked our butts off this week. This city definitely isnt
as acceptive as my last area. We had two days this week where we knocked on
doors for 7 hours each day and no one let us in. But when we work our butts
of God always blesses us. The members are bringing their friends to church
and after church we just go to the members house and teach their friends
that always accept a batismal date. It´s awesome.

Spiritual experience of the week was awesome. We invited a teenage
boy, Mateus, to do visits with us. He is a pretty shy kid and he said it
was his first time doing visits with the missionaries. So I did´nt think
much of it but that night we saw tons of miracles. We had this one dude
that randomly yelled our names and said he was "lost in life because he
doesn´t know what church was true." We taught the dude and he wants to be
baptized. Then we had two more families that Mateus´s testimony made them
start tearing up. I was like what the heck is happening. Then I thought
about it I realized that if we do visits with young men that are thinking
about going on missions God is going to give them great experiences so that
the will have that desire to go on a mission. I´m going to take advantage
of that as much as I can lol.
Elder Araujo is the funniest dude I´ve met
have a great week
Elder Morrow
1. Carol´s family
2. Elder Araujo says this is brazilian math
de vírus.


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