October 10, 2016


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week 7 (hopefully photos send)

Tudo bom!

Hey guys! Everything is going good in the actual feild. After the CTM
we left to Porto Alegre and went to the mission house (probably the nicest
house i´ve seen) we did some training then that night stayed in a hotel
(probably nicest hotel I´ve ever been in). Then that Wednesday morning we
got assigned our trainers and heading to our seperate places. Porto Alegre
is very nice and the spot we stayed in was very wealthy. I got assigned
Elder R. Lopes who is way cool and understands English (sometimes). We got
on a bus and drove two hours away to our area called "Camaqua".
Camaqua is a normal sized city but i´ve definitely never been to any
place like it. All around it´s pretty poor but for Brasil it´s considered
normal. There are some nice houses here and there and some actual huts as
well. We walk all aorund the city all day long. In the center it´s very
city like with big apartments but the farther you get away from the center
the more and more farm like it gets. There is a little area about an hour
walk away that we got to and its all forest and everyone lives in wooden
houses. One minute it´s city then you can walk 20 feet and it´s dirt,
grasslands, and rivers. It´s definetly an adventure. At night the center of
the city becomes "Babylon" and man let´s just say bad stuff happens and we
try to do visits during that time.
The church here is very small. We have a branch of about 40 people and
we plus the other set of missionaries brought about 10 of them from
teaching. But the members here are very strong and very wise. The people
here are kinda crazy and i definetly dont understand anything they are
saying. There are people everywhere and they are very accepting to let us
in their house but they never follow through with commitments. They either
are living with someone and are´nt married to them, addicted to
cigarrettes, or extremely Católica (Catholic). The church builidng is the
bottom half of someones house but it is decent. We eat snadwiches every
breakfast and dinner but because lunch is the biggest meal of the day here
we get to eat good beans and rice at member´s houses.
Teaching is fun but difficult sometimes. They ask some really hard
questions and i know really good answers but i hac no idea how to say it in
Português. Luckily, R. Lopes is any awesome teacher and answers most of the
questions with ease. We walk so much holy cow. Lots of people let us teach
them which is awesome. Everyone here looks like American´s but for some
reason they can tell I´m American right away before I speak. R. Lopes says
its because of the way my face is formed and that my lighter hair is rare
for guys here. People here drive like crasy and there are buses and
motorcycles everywhere. Everyone here also has a bajillion dogs. Dogs are
everywhere. Sometimes a group of them follow us and R. Lopes says they are
his disciples. This area is very new, it opened up this year and i´m like
the 8th missinary to come here. Me and R. Lopes live with two other
Brazilians in our apartment (which was a mess when i got here but i cleaned
it). I think im the only English speaker within miles of this place but
that´s okay. The first couple days were not the easiest but I´m really
starting to love it here. I had the oppurtunity to invite two people to
baptism and they accepted so I hope they follow through. Aside from that we
have a few other people on date for the next two weeks so I´m praying they
commit. Eu amo vocês!

Com amor
Elder Morrow


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