October 31, 2016


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Re: Did you ever get?

Yo so you won´t believe it but when i went to Pelotas on Wednesday randomly
the mission president pulls out 8 cards from Cheneys and 4 packages! I´ve
read all the cards! Haven´t opened any of the packages yet its too early,
however i told the Brazilians we´d upon up the first letter before
transfers:) I was actually way depressed about the Liandra thing... She´s
been going to church for 7 months. Shes 18 but her mom doesnt think she´s
ready. I guess its rare to go first transfer without a baptism but i have
so much hope. I had to teach the whole ward on Sunday, not a talk (already
done that.) but an actual lesson. Pretty sure no one understood me. Also
when i was on splits with Aguilar (he´s the Ap and actually has only one
week left on his mission) it was way cool to hear his advice. He´s from
Mexico and hes a great Elder, and hilarious. Also went on splits with the
branch president and we taught a less active thats been reading stuff on
the internet about Jospeph smith having many wives!:) I said to her, "You
feel the spirit when you read the livro de mormon? When you were
basptized?" She said yes. Then i said, "Did you feel the spirit when you
were on the internet?" She said no. The lesson ended well.

On Mon, Oct 31, 2016 at 3:33 AM, Morrow Mail wrote:

Hi son
So, right before you left the ctm, did Cheneys ever deliver those 5
pictures to you?
I'm wondering if you had a baptism today (Sunday). Can't wait to hear. I
loved your testimony last letter on the Atonement. It was wonderful to
hear. So powerful. So true. And then your story about introducing you as
Treston Beiber-hahaha- had me laughing out loud! Monday's are a great day
because I get your emails : )
So Sage got a hs parking pass so tomorrow she will start driving herself
to school for the first time. I'm actually going to miss taking her and
having that alone time with her.
Can't wait to read your email! I miss you. Make best choices.
Eu te amo filho.
- mom


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