October 31, 2016




Elder Turner

Muchos yeah it's broken

Dear Family and Friends,
This week has been quite an interesting one and I have had some experiences that I never really expected to have while out serving a mission. The week started out out normally with all the usual stuff and then got kinda crazy, but more on that later.

I got to go to my fist district meeting in the field on Tuesday! we had a couple of training's and I had the chance to get to know some of the other missionaries in my district they all seem like really rad people. Then we went out to lunch and wholly cow I really love burgers and fries I missed them so much in the MTC.

We got in contact with 2 of the YSA from our ward and they both said they'd like to start coming to FHE when they can! that was way cool.

On Friday we were tracting a middle class neighborhood and on the last house on the street This guy answered and started interrogating us almost and he asked a question that really kind of got to me. We had been explaining how we share a message about Jesus Christ when he asked,"What if I were Muslim?" This isn't a bad question and it didn't offend me, but I realized that all we would do is the same thing. We would share a message about Jesus Christ. My calling as a full-time missionary is to bring the message of his restored Gospel to all of his children on this earth not just the christian ones. I really believe that this is not something that any of us can deny anyone. We should share this message with everyone we know so that they can learn of the joy that it can and will bring into their lives.

This is where the Email gets away from the usual. We had gone back to the apartment to get dinner and then we were headed to campus to check up on some investigators. There are no steep hills here in Statesboro, but there are some pretty wicked inclines and as we were riding up one of these inclines we got stuck behind this man on the sidewalk who was riding super slow and we just stayed behind him patiently for like 10 minutes. Then when we were just about at the top of the incline Elder Turner decided to pass him! He stood up on his bike and began to pedal harder, he cut off into the grass and kept pedaling. He passed the guy and as he cut back onto the sidewalk his front tire turned abruptly to the right and he flew over his handle bars and in an instant his face was sliding across the sidewalk. the slow dude and I both hit our breaks so we wouldn't run the downed elder over. As i helped Elder Turner up he had some pretty narly scrapes on his face and a small scrape on the back of his right hand. We got off the sidewalk into the grass and I got out my flash light to look at his face. It didn't look to bad just a scrape. We decided that riding our bikes 2 1/2 miles back to the apartment was a bad idea so we called Felix (a super chill ward member) and he said he could come pick us up. Once Felix had picked us up we went to the apartment and we asked our neighbor if she had any hydrogen peroxide. she didn't. We went back to our house and he sat down on the couch and then after like 10 minutes he was like,"I can't move my arm" It was very concerning and we weren't quite sure who to call. after a while we ended up on the phone with our mission president. He gave us permission to go to the ER! Felix took us there and they X-rayed Elder Turners wrist and elbow. His elbow was broken! or they used some smart medical words that I didn't understand. Anyways My favorite part of this experience is that I now know that if they ask you if you want a morphine shot the shot goes in your butt. Elder Turner knows this first hand. We have an appointment to get a hard cast on his arm today and all is going pretty well.

Sorry for the long email everyone, but I felt that his arm story was fairly interesting. I hope that you are all doing well and that you are all safe.


Elder Trenton Lynn Allmon


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