October 24, 2016




Elder Turner

Muchos Week One

Hi Y'all, This was my first week in the Mission field and boy has it been an eventful one! We left the MTC at 4:20 in the morning and it was pouring down rain and I had packed my rain jacket and didn''t want to get it out. you could say it was pretty rad. We took Frontrunner up which was fun and we talked to a couple of nice peeps. The flight was direct into Atlanta which is a super big airport, but it was all good! we then had a 2 hour drive down to Macon to the Mission which was super pretty and well decorated. anyhow then we had dinner and went to sleep and stuff. The next morning I got to meet my Trainer! My Trainer and First companion is Elder Turner! He is a super nice guy from Lehi! We then got all my crap and got a ride down to our area which is the Statesboro, Georgia area and it is sick! It is home to GSU which is apparently a really big party school! Anyhow we have taught a few lessons and have done just a little bit of tracting. The highlight of my week has been getting to do service for the people in my area! Hurricane Matthew actually came through here (Sorta) and there are a bunch of trees down and stuff. We did service all day Saturday and got rid of about 2 trees, but trees are much bigger out here in Georgia. we took care of a 60 ft pecan tree and an old oak tree that had a circumference at the base of 15 ft it was crazy! the one Sunday we were told to come to sacrament meeting in our service clothes which was weird, but while I was partaking of the sacrament I still felt the spirit so strongly. I guess it doesn't matter how you look or what you wear, but what you have done and are doing that matters. We took care of 2 1/2 trees on Sunday and that was tiring. I really did enjoy it though and know that as we serve and help other people it will bless us so much and can really change lives. That is pretty much how my first week went and I'm having an awesome time here in Georgia. Thanks for all the love and support!

With love, your friend,

Trenton Lynn Allmon


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