October 4, 2016




Mucho Rad

Dear Friends, This first week at the MTC has been a super crazy one, but also a super good one and I have a lot of stories to tell. after arriving on Wednesday I was handed a bunch of random books and stuff and taken to my room. The whole day was a lot like that just constant motion. My companion was Elder Haws from Payson. He is a pretty nice guy and we get along well. I was assigned to be district leader on Thursday and was told how much more responsibility I would be given. It was terrifying, but I have since learned to cope with it. On Friday night my companion had a severe migrain and we had to go to BYU urgent care. that was stressful. then the next morning we went again and then to the pharmacy to pick up some lortab. Needless to say he had some pretty serious headaches due to stress. He ended up going home Saturday night around 9:20. I'm now in a trio with Elders Richards from sandy Utah and Elder Derrington from a super small town in Idaho. They're both super cool. That's right just over 4 days into the mission and I've already had 3 companions. Conference was super good I especially liked how centered it seemed on missionary work. Because of conference I've had plenty of free time this weekend which I hear is unusual, but regardless I am still learning a ton. We have been role play teaching investigators since Thursday and it has been awesome. One of the coolest concepts we have discussed is how it isn't about getting them to look at things from our perspective, but looking at things from their perspective and then bringing them closer to Christ. The Missionary purpose that is in preach my gospel is way cool and I encourage you all to go and read it. It makes it so clear that baptism is NOT our main goal just one of the ways we can bring people closer to Christ. When we are evaluating how a lesson went we try to not focus on how well we taught the doctrine or how well we spoke, but we focus on Did our investigator come closer to Christ. I think that this is something that we can all use for evaluating how our day went. That's pretty much the whole thought. The MTC is amazing and you can really feel the spirit here. Oh yeah I also got to give my first blessing of healing this week. It was terrifying. It was for his headaches and I could literally feel the power of God surging through me. The other elders in my district agree. Waking up at 6:30 everyday is pretty money. There is a fly in this computer lab and it is driving me CRAZY, but oh well also there are rumors going around that they will be turning my mission into an Ipad mission that would be sweet! Well I'd love to hear from you Dudes and Dudesses. (I'm also not supposed to call anyone dudes or guys or peeps or hermonoes or hombres they just want everyone to say elders and sisters, super duper weird)

With love this is all I got to say
maybe we'll speak another day

Peace, (Elder) Trent Allmon

P.S. sorry for the rhyme I've got a lot of time, but seriously so sorry for that one.


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