December 5, 2016




Elder Turner

All good things

Hey Y'all, This week has been a most excellent week in Statesboro and it has felt surprisingly long. The highlights of this week would most definitely have to include find out that the guy who baptized my Dad over 20 years ago lives in my stake, Helping out with the Screven County soup kitchen, and learning that another Elder in a different area broke his wrist. Okay so that last one is kind of a bummer not only 'cause the dude broke his wrist, but because now they will be giving our car to them.... All good things right?

The Screven County food kitchen was different from other food kitchens I've helped in because we actually went out and delivered the food! We went with the Mackelprangs (an older couple in our ward) Who are super cool. We delivered over 52 meals to people and they were all super grateful! I love the spirit that you get when you were helping people it's just the best. WIerd story from that though on the very last meal delivery it was to a very nice old black lady. WHen I brought to food up she told me that I was a very handsome young man and then as I was walking away she complimented my butt. It was really funny.

The last thought that I have on my mind today is that we should all just spread the love of Christ! Also I finally have some Pictures!!! Also I may have left my camera in a ward member truck last week.... He's the one with the crazy smile.
Love Y'all

P.S. Let me know your address if you wanna Christmas card​


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