July 24, 2017




Elder Patterson

Strawberry Milkshakes are the BOMB

Hey Y'all!!! This week has been full of experiences that I honestly never expected to have! We have a P-day on Tuesday, Elder Patterson and I went ham at huddle house, and I gave a 30 plus minute talk! As you can tell this week was another totally rad week with Elder Patterson here in Barnwell!

We also had some really great luck at finding some new people to teach the gospel to and I really am praying hard that we will be able to find someone who is ready to make some commitments!

The most interest experience I had this week was after lunch on Wednesday. My comp and I decided to go to huddle house (kinda like Denny's) 'cause they have a free waffle Wednesday thing! So we go and we went nuts! I had a triple burger with fries, a strawberry lemonade, a waffle, and a strawberry milkshake to top it all off! Afterwards I felt kinda bloated, but I thought I would be fine. Anyways we went back to the apartment and I felt like I was gonna vomit. I was like oh no so I ran to the bathroom and did just that I hurled. The crazy part is that I only vomited the strawberry milkshake! And that it still looked and tasted like a strawberry milkshake! FOr the first time in my life I didn't hate throwing up! #Blessed

That was the most exciting part of the week, but the rest of it was good too!

Love Elder Allmon


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