June 12, 2017


Whitestone/Cypress Creek


Elder Abernathy

Wonderful June

Happy Monday Family! I hope you are having wonderful June thus far. My emails lately have been very sparse and I apologize for that. Things here are going well as the time is going a bit too fast it seems. I love every part of being a missionary and wish I could share the many many experiences I have each week with all of you. Like always I'll share at least one wonderful experience with you.
Starting over a month ago we decided to go visit a less active member who hadn't been visited in a while. We
texted him and he invited us over. When we showed up he spilled everything on the table. He first told us he is ready to do whatever he need todo to be actively involved in the church. Then he shared the humbling experience he had.
He has been an RN for a long time. The job he was previously working was in the ICU. One night he was on
call and after waiting up a while he decided he'd go to sleep but forgot to turn his phone up. When he woke up he had 3 missed calls from work. They had tried to call him in
on 3 separate occasions and they ended up firing him. He had a history of alcoholism and fell into that because of his mistake. He was so upset he tried to drink himself to death drinking a fifth of bourbon a day and sometimes more. Then at some point pondering his life he realized by spiritual means the divine potential that we all have,
even himself. He decided he was going to turn his life around but he knew he couldn't do it himself. Let me just keep it short and maybe a little anti-climatic but he is doing
incredible as of now. As soon as he decided he was ready to repent and let the Savior bear these burdens alongside him he has felt the burden lightened and has been
sober for over a month now. He has found a new job and is at church every week. There is so much I could share from
his experience but let me share one thing that I'll remember forever. Not only did he sober himself of alcohol but he is
reflecting on the way he lives and finding every little thing he can to change. He wants to better himself through the Atonement. This is a man who understands Repentance. It could've been so easy for him to be happy with his sobering and coming back to church and comfortably stop there but he understands we must continue to change everyday. This is a convert of only 3 years. Impressive. He is even downgrading is apartment so that he has no excuse for himself not paying tithing. I learned a great lesson from this. At the beginning of May we got a new vehicle. We are
driving a 2017 Chevy Malibu. A couple of days ago when I was buckling my seatbelt I recognized something
sticking to the side of the female end of the buckle. I reached down to see if it was a sticker or something that needed to be pulled off but realized it was stuck there
on purpose. It was a piece of felt like material. I immediately realized why the car had that stuck
there! It was to keep the female end from scratching up the center console! I thought about how genius that was and wondered who would've noticed something as small as that and then added to or changed the model of the car to have that. Then I thought of this man I have shared about
and all the little things he is changing in his life. The Atonement of Jesus Christ is not only for large sins we commit in our lives. It is infinite meaning every imperfection we have can be overcome through the power that Christ's Atonement offers us. Our Heavenly Father doesn't ask that we become perfect in an instant but
we are commanded to repent or to change ourselves to be better daily. We can do that little by little as we
recognizing the scratching of a buckle in our lives or the creaking of a door. I hope to always remember this lesson I've learned. As I have witnessed and am positive of, I can change the person I am to be in line with the person
Heavenly Father wants me to be. I can become more like my Savior everyday because he has made that possible for me through his suffering.

I love you and the Lord loves you.
Elder Baker


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