May 29, 2017

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Lori Baker

Dear Family

Dear Family,
  I apologize for how long It has been. I hope your last few
weeks have been weeks to remember. Things are going well here in Texas. I could go on for a long while talking
about the lessons I've learned, blessings I've received, and the Lord's work in which I am engaged. I want to share a few of the service opportunities we've had the last
few weeks and also some modern day miracles we have seen. Thankfully we've been able to do some projects involving quality H2O as the heat tries to creep in on us
here in the summer months. A couple weeks ago a family that is investigating the church brought their boat home that has been sitting for a few years. The only part
covered was the cabin. Do your best to imagine that. Have you pictured it? Okay, now multiply that by 12. Yep,
that's better. The mental image you have now is pretty accurate for the boat we cleaned. Now of course we couldn't take a hose, some soap and scrubbing tools and just clean. We had to have some fun with it. So we got a little wet of course and made ourselves a Gatorade
commercial. Here is the picture at the end:


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