February 6, 2017


Canyon Springs/Bulverde


Elder Ridenour

The gospel of Jesus Christ is simply wonderful....

Good Morning! This morning I want to share an experience that is a
testament to many things such as our mission being led by revelation,
the Lord's timing in the work we are doing, the importance of
following the spirit and more.

There is a less active man on our rosters that nobody has really known
anything about. We've asked the bishop about him, the elders quorum
president, etc.. There were a couple notes from previous missionaries
saying he wasn't interested but that was it. Elder Dunford and I had
stopped by him a few times but no one was ever home. Elder Ridenour
and I had even stopped by a couple times and had the same results.
This last week we were headed to visit some people we had put in our
plans and we had the thought to stop by Brother Brown, the man that
I've been talking about. We did and there were 2 cars there for the
first time ever! I was so excited and even more so when I saw a
cardinals sticker on the back of one of their cars. We went and and
knocked on the door and as soon as we confirmed that it was him I
asked him if he was a cardinals fan and he said "yes, I'm from
Arizona." I smiled and said "I think we are going to be friends."
Something about that I think softened him a little. So far you've seen
testimony of the spirit leading us and the Lord's timing #1. The
Lord's timing #2 was manifest in him letting us in and Elder Ridenour
telling him he is from Idaho. He was ecstatic about that! He grew up
in both Idaho and Arizona. He isn't one that shows much emotion
either. He's kind of s rough shelled Marine. We were able to sit and
talk with he and his wife and get to know them. He talked about how
for years his grandma has tried to get him back into the church. His
grandpa is a patriarch and temple worker in the Mesa temple. His wife
who is not a member said her grandma's birthday wish was for all her
family to come unto Christ. Something about all of this made the
timing of our visit perfect to where they were open to having us in
their home to talk about the gospel.

Things like this happen to us all the time as missionaries. I am so
blessed and thankful to be a part of the Lord's army to bring the
world his truth. The gospel of Jesus Christ is simply wonderful and
wonderfully simple. I love y'all and I hope you have a joyful week.

Elder Baker


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