November 7, 2016


Canyon Springs/Bulverde


Elder Dunford

Can you believe it's November already?

Can you believe it's November already? I can't. Time really flies. We had a great week here. Things were a little slow but we still saw great things. We met with a man named Barrie this week. He is on older man. Maybe in his early 80s. When contacting with him he took an Immediate
interest in meeting with us. We had met with him once before this week and he already had a Book of Mormon but had never read it. He told us he wants to study the Book of Mormon alongside his bible reading but he won't become a Mormon. Those are dangerous words. If only he'd known
what happened to others who've said that in the past. When
we met with him this week neither of us really had a strong hope in him and it wasn't because of his comment but simply because he was older. We shouldn't have looked at it this way but we did. Though we also went in and taught just as we would anyone else. He had so far loved his
Book of Mormon reading. When we taught him about prophets he said "If there is a prophet I've really been missing out for a while." He understood what it meant for there to be a prophet and now really wants to know. We are excited for him. A couple weeks ago at the ward trunk or treat we met a family who was invited by some members in the ward. We had a great time talking to them and when we had to leave they asked if we were going to go visit them. On Wednesday we were on exchanges and Elder Dunford
went to visit them. Kristi, the wife, opened the door and was
ecstatic to see the missionaries. She gave Elder Dunford a big hug and told him Her husband was working but we could come back another time. The next day we were doing service for a less active member and Justin, her husband, drove past and recognized us in our service clothes. He
honked, turned around, parked the car and got out to come
see us. He was so excited to see us and he ended up having us jump in his truck with him so he could go give us a tour of his new house being built. This was literally only the second time we had talked with them. We were so confused on why they love us so much and still are a
little bit. But we are so excited to teach them.
I love y'all! Have a good week!

Elder Baker
My Monster fish from this morning


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