October 3, 2016


Llano/Marble Falls


Elder Yale

Good conference weekend

I hope y'all had a good conference
weekend. There were so many great
talks. Isn't great to know that God still speaks to us
through his chosen? We recently had a recent convert move into the ward. He married one of the sisters in the Marble Falls Ward and we were contacted by the missionaries who baptized him asking us if we would teach him the recent convert lessons. A week from yesterday at church his wife was walking past and I grabbed her attention and asked here if we could meet with them. She laughed and said "Why because Christina is living
with us now?" I said "well that gives us even more of a reason we need to meet with y'all!" I didn't know Christina but had seen someone at church with them and assumed it was his daughter and it was. We set up and appointment with them an we were able to teach them twice this
last week. Christina was very receptive and said she would
be baptized! I don't know if y'all have seen it in my letters
but the Lord continues to bless us with people who are prepared. It is incredible and so humbling. Every single one has been through a member of the church in some way, shape or form. We have been taught that is how we will move the work along and it is most definitely working.
We had an interesting experience this morning and I am not
sure what to label it. We went to pick up a suit I dropped off at the dry cleaner and I walked in to find a woman leaning over the counter with a pamphlet open showing the young woman working some things. As soon as I stepped foot into the room all conversation stopped. By glancing
at the pamphlet I knew what this woman was sharing. She was sharing things from a religion of which I won't name. The young woman behind the counter looked at me with a confused look and looked back at the woman with the pamphlet. Then back and forth again a few times. She
looked at her and said something like "Are y'all with them?"
The woman from the religion said "No. No we're not." She cleaned up all she had out into here bag and briskly walked out. The whole time I just stood there not sure exactly what to say. It was quite a funny situation the way it happened. She asked me if I was there to pick something up and I told her I was. She said "Oh okay! I wasn't sure if you were here to share with me too or what!" I laughed and said "Well sure
I'd love to share with you!" She asked some questions and said she is wanting to learn more about Christ. We ended up talking about prophets. I told her we have a prophet on earth today. She asked "Really?! Do you know who he is?" I said "Yes ma'am I do. He just spoke to the whole world
this last weekend." She printed out a receipt and said "Here
right his name down. I want to look him up." I pulled out a card and said "Here's a card. I'll right his name, a website to go to and our number." She was so excited to learn more.
The Lord gives us so many opportunities to share this great
message of the restoration and his great plan of happiness as we were taught in conference. I can attest to this statement. Of course I was dressed in a white shirt and tie by which question arose but there are open doors to share the gospel everywhere. I hope we can all recognize them.

I love you.
Elder Baker


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