September 26, 2016


Llano/Marble Falls


Elder Yale

It's getting to be my favorite time of year.

Good Afternoon! I don't know what it's like for y'all but I hope the weather we are getting right now stays. It's getting to be my favorite time of the year. Except Texas adds a little allergies to it. But it doesn't damper things at all. It was another wonderful week for us here in the TSAM. The stone cut out of the mountain without hands continues to roll forward. As members we are supposed to help the
stone roll forward. As for my companion and I, I think we are just trying to keep up with it. I may have mentioned before that we are teacher sister Granger. Her
husband is a member and she has committed to be baptized. It seems like just about everyone we teach has one hump to get over and it's normally a word of wisdom issue. This is many times what breaks it for
those who end up not being baptized. It is very tough for
many people. I can't think of about 4 people off the top of my head whom we've taught that aren't baptized yet because they can't get rid of an addiction. Sister Granger has one of these addictions. We taught her about the word of wisdom this past Thursday. The lesson was incredible! We didn't even have to teach much but what the
word of wisdom is. She was completely willing to stop this thing she was struggling with. A member who was with us shared his tactics to quitting this habit and addiction which he did years ago. She told him " Well my plan right now is to go to the Book of Mormon any time I get an urge to [do this thing.]" Just like I said we didn't even have to teach much!! It was incredible!! Preach My Gospel teaching a principle about virtue that really applies to any type of bad habit
or addiction. It compares our mind to a stage. By simple law some thing must always be occupying this stage. If we leave our stage blank, because there is opposition in all things, bad thoughts and temptations can and will occupy our stage. Thankfully we know that a good thought and bad cannot co-exist. All we have to do is shove that
bad thought or temptation out with a good one. Whether that be prayer, singing an uplifting song such as a hymn, reading the scriptures and so forth. Sister Granger applied this without us even teaching it and the next time we saw her she was a completely happier and brighter looking person! We are so excited for her and her family.
A couple of nights ago we met with Sonny. I'm sure I've
talked about Sonny before. I absolutely love Sonny. I've been working with him the whole time I have been here and have been praying and praying that he would be baptized. One of my goals I've been working on is to "cut the
fluff" which is basically getting rid of all of the unnecessary
conversation. I can be bad with this at times, especially if
we are talking about fishing, hunting or sports. I like to talk to people. But lately I've been better. Well in this lesson I did
absolutely terrible. I talked to Sonny about trucks and snowboarding and just get lost in conversation. Finally totally out of context I looked at him and asked "You been thinking about baptism?" He said " Yeah. It's on my mind everyday." I said "How about the 22nd?" He said "Yeah. Let's
do it." I threw my fist in the air and yelled "Root Beer floats on the 22nd!!!" When first meeting with him somehow we got on the topic of root beer floats and I told him that's what we'd have for his baptism when he finally committed. I have had it down as a task ever since then. After I said that his wife said "Ohhh that's what I had at my baptism!" Sonny laughed and said "How did we ever get on
root beer floats?" I said "I have no idea." We left and unfortunately they followed us out! I still had a ton of excitement I had to get out! We got in the car and both yelled and high fived each other. I said Elder. I bout jumped out of my drawers and danced around in there." That displays my excitement at its least. It was so hard to
keep it in and stay dignified when he said yes. I am so happy for him. I read a quote from John Taylor this week and it said something along the lines of "We all go through trials in this life. In fact some seemingly impossible to bear. Heavenly Father will allow them to tug on every one of our heart strings. If we cannot endure, we are not fit
for the kingdom of God." Bold but so very true. God's goal
is "the immortality and eternal life of [every] man" (Moses 1:39) If you know this you know we must have trials in life. Ultimately they are to help us grow. They may stretch us to our max. Right now things are going well. At some time trials will come. I know this. But thankfully with the Gospel we have a broadened vision. We can look past these trials singing  "Happy day, all is well" just as the Saints crossing the frozen plains. Our Heavenly Father loves us. Our Savior
loves us. He is there to lift us up and make our burdens light. He is there inviting us to take upon ourselves his yoke. I pray that we may all find comfort in this.

I love you.
Elder Baker


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