September 19, 2016


Llano/Marble Falls


Elder Yale

Today is a good day.

September 19th. Today is a good day. First off it is my Brothers 17th birthday. Happy Birthday Tuck! I can't believe you are 17.. That's insane. Secondly, it is the day I had witnessed my first two baptisms. One of which is Jeannie and she will being going to the temple next month. The week leading up to this great day has probably been one of
the best weeks in my mission. We have done service, taught, attended meetings, gone on exchanges, seen people change and so on.

We started the week off well with meeting with a young woman who wants to be baptized. She has been reading the Book of Mormon and she thinks it's so neat that there is a book of scripture that takes place in the Americas.
The next night we had a lesson with a less active/part member family. The less active member has started to read the Book of Mormon. We asked her how she felt as she read it and she said it makes her almost a little emotional. We asked if it was a happy, sad? What kind of
emotional? She said well I think sad because I know all of these things but I'm not doing them. The spirit was thick at this point. We were able to help here recognize that she has been given the gift of the Holy Ghost which guides us and gives us promptings and she recognized that the Holy Ghost was speaking to her as she was reading. She was able to feel a repentant heart. It was such a great lesson.

Wednesday was a mission and life changing day. We had a zone conference which focused very much on prayer. It was a powerful, powerful conference. We had many trainings on prayer and they all broadened our vision. Have you ever pondered why prayer is so important? I've always known it was important but I don't think I'd ever pondered why very much. Preach My Gospel teaches us that NO
spiritual truth can be learned without prayer. Think about that. I had read that in preach my gospel so many times and always thought wow that's awesome but I had never let that sink in. We would have no restored church today without Joseph Smith's simple prayer being given. We tied this quote in with James 1:5 which is what lead Joseph
Smith to pray. This verse teaches if we ask God for wisdom he will give it to us. Now I won't go into preaching to y'all, I've probably already started but prayer sits so heavily on my mind now. I hope that through study of prayer and actually praying we can all have a great testimony of it. I
wish i could just share everything with y'all. Elder Hunt, my trainer, is now an Assistant and he gave a training at this conference. This also changed my mission. I was already so happy to see him. He walked into the chapel and came straight to me and gave me hug. Then he trained on giving invitations with love. I love the people here like crazy. Those I teach, those who hate us, ward members all of them. Thankfully it is a blessing I've been given. It was also something Uncle Deak reminded me to never forget and wrote on a tie he gave me before I left. But one thing I learned was all that love I have for this people was in a reserve tank. I wasn't putting it into my invitations to them and letting them feel it. Elder Hunt called me up during his training and did this to me. He told me how much he
loves me and looks up to me and so on while choking up with tears in his eyes. Then he invited me to pray. I could feel his love for me so much I was tearing up how could I say no? We took this out to the field that night. I was on exchanges with Elder Shields, one of my zone leaders. We taught a family that I was teaching when I was Leander. The woman who is the member is now dating a man named Reggie and coming back to church. Reggie is reading the Book of Mormon. We taught this whole lesson on prayer. At the end there was no doubt Reggie felt our love and his heavenly fathers love for him. He knelt with us and offered his first structured, vocal prayer. Afterwards we sat in silence for a minute and he grew a huge smile on his face. We asked Reggie how he felt and he said I feel alright. It was obvious it was more than alright. His girlfriend said "Reggie has a hard time admitting things." Everyone there knew he was feeling the spirit including himself. (To add to the image Reggie is a big black man with dreads going all the way down his back. It just makes it that much better haha) Funny how we take that and it works huh? No one can say this isn't Christ's church run by revelation.

We continued to apply this throughout the week with everyone we taught and set two more people with baptismal dates. We did this with David and we knelt in his living room in silence after his prayer as tears rolled down his face. We are only waiting for him to come to church
now. I have so many stories I could share from this week but don't have the time unfortunately. If you aren't yet, have a conversation with your father in heaven daily. I love you.

Elder Baker


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