August 24, 2015


Leander, TX


Elder Mckay Hunt

let's go back..

Well let's go back to last Wednesday. We flew into San Antonio a little after 1. As soon as we landed I felt so happy and an overwhelming love for Texas. We grabbed our bags and waited for president slaughter. He and a bunch of other people walked into the
baggage claim area and started greeting us and helping us with our bags. We hopped in the car and headed to the mission office! They had some sammiches for us there and we had to fill out some paper work. When we finished that we waited for some more elders coming from Mexico and then headed to the San Antonio temple! The temple is beautiful but it was closed so we only got to look at it from outside the gate. We took pictures there and headed straight to the Alamo where we had a cool introduction and then started to place copies of the Book of Mormon! Now I don't get super nervous but I was a little bit nervous doing this! We had basically just got off the plane! Elder Simmons and I placed 4 or 5 in about an hour. It was a great experience and very humbling. Oh and I'll tell you it was HOT! It was blazing and humid and I was sweating to death! When we finished there we headed to the mission home and they had some delicious Texas bbq catered for us. It was a great treat. President slaughter and his wife
introduced themselves and they are absolutely amazing. I love them. We all crammed in the AP's apartment for the night and got up at 5 the next morning. I thought I was going to die I was so tired. I was
falling asleep in lessons for the next two days.

That morning we headed to the church for transfers and they had another Texas favorite, breakfast tacos and those were delicious. We
had a meeting for all the greenies and we got some info and our iPads. They told us our companions and our areas too. Then we headed into the chapel. All the rest of the elders were standing singing called to
serve as we walked into the chapel and this was first time I appreciated the song dad! The whole meeting I was nodding off and President actually made a joke about it at the pulpit. It was pretty funny. They announced all the transfers. Elder Simmons was the only
elder from our district to stay in San Antonio. The rest of us were headed to the Austin transfers! In San Antonio we got our bikes and
bedding and I got my package from mom. Thank you mom I needed a water bottle bad! Then we headed out! We got to Austin, had some pizza, and headed into the chapel. The same thing. They were singing called to
serve! We sat down and they started calling out transfers. "Elder McKay Hunt will be training elder Baker in the Leander area!" I stood up and turned around and was super excited! Elder Hunt looked like he was going to be awesome! He had the biggest smile and just kept saying "this is going to be awesome! I'm so excited!" And he is awesome! We
are great friends and I love him to death! That night we had dinner and my first lesson! Her name is jeani and she committed to a date to
be baptized! It was great! Then we went to the bishops house! The houses here are beautiful they are almost all brick! Bishops house has a little bit of land and they have a pool and zipline and fire pit!
It's so beautiful! Driving into bishops area I saw probably 30 deer just chilling in people's yards!! It was crazy!

Friday we planned and studied almost all day! Elder Hunt and I got to know each other a little more. That night Taylor came out with us to teach. Taylor is leaving on his mission in October. We went to a lady named Dale and tried to teach her but she was very interesting and talked a lot.

Saturday we got up and had two service dates set up. We went to go do service for and teach a lady and ended up talking to her husband the whole time! And he was very very interesting! He talked and talked
about his theories and he called God ON. And I could go on forever about his weird theories but anyways we got no lesson in there and
just finished with service. We went to if our next one and right away I could tell they were amazing it was a couple and their two kids. The guy was on of the nicest guys I've ever met. We helped them with some yard work and then shared our message. The spirit in the lesson was so so strong! I got to pop my first question and they both basically said
yes! It was amazing! That night we stopped by a few houses and no one answered. As we were leaving the neighborhood we saw some younger kids playing basketball so we got stopped and played our first pros-ball!
It was awesome! We knocked a few doors that night and ended up getting two potential investigators! It was super exciting! Mom and dad you would love it here! Everyone goes to bed at like 8!

Church was good yesterday! The ward was so nice and inviting! We only had one investigator at church but this next week will be better. We got to share some stuff in primary which I loved. I met a lot of
people from Arizona in the ward and a few from QC. One lady knows Jesse Baker. Our area is pretty big and there are some nice areas and some that aren't so nice. We ate dinner about thirty minutes away and the area was soo beautiful. The people here are so nice. We get fed literally every night. After dinner we went to some investigators
homes that we ended up not getting in touch with. So we knocked doors around this less nice area which we loved doing! It ended up being a Mexican area that some guy provided for Mexicans to live and get jobs.
All the homes were trailers and we were in the backwoods! It was so fun! We met one guy that claimed he only spoke Spanish, so we did our best and taught about half a lesson in Spanish and it was the coolest thing! Then we met with a guy named lial in another area. One of the best guys I've ever met. Tats, small plugs, long hair, fedora, curled stache, and beard. He was amazing. He knew so much and so many truths. He is such a great guy. I came to love him so much in that hour or so. But he wouldn't commit and won't read the BOM. It made me so sad. All we can do is pray for him though.

Today, on our p day, we met two people that are awesome. We were going through a car wash and a kid stopped us and asked what church we were from because he saw our name tags. We explained and he started to tell
us how he loves our church and how admires us. He said we are "such pure people." He just got accepted to BYU and wants to start meeting with us. He was so pumped up and it made me so happy I couldn't get over it. Then at Walmart an Indian lady was checking us out and she said I am investigating your church. I am a child of God. Haha it was awesome!

I love this work so much. I love Texas and the people. It's tough because almost every single person we talk to is already religious and
they aren't interested but that's okay. They just aren't ready. I love you all so much.

My new address is 1109 Tanglewood dr Leander, tx 78641

I forgot to mention elder hunt has only been out 6 weeks. He didn't even finish his training and he is training me. He is the best trainer
out there! He is outstanding. He keeps saying we are the same person because we are so similar and get along so well. On Thursday he
actually told me when I walked in he thought "I want that kid" being me. We are doing great together. He likes to do triathlons, ski and mountain bike race. He's actually raced against lance Armstrong and Nate Diaz.

We stay with a little old sweet Mexican lady named Norma West. She is so nice. When I walked in the door the first day they actually played a joke on me that she only spoke Spanish! Haha so she was speaking all
Spanish to me! I thought it was awesome!

There's a ton more I'm sure but till next week I love you guys.

Signing out,

Elder baker


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