September 14, 2015


Leander, TX


Elder McKay Hunt

Another day in the life of an Elder

Another wonderful week in the work. I don't know if ya'll know our mission purpose but the first thing it states is, well for TSAMers it is to "boldly invite others to come unto Christ" as for the rest of the missions, I can't speak for them. Anyways in the MTC one of my teachers, Brother Lim (who was amazing), really did his best to drill
this into our heads. This statement is first in the order of things for a reason. Though baptism is part of our purpose it isn't necessarily the most important and a lot of times that's how we track the success of a mission. I think the only people that know how successful you were as a missionary are Heavenly Father and our Savior
and this week I really seen why. I have seen why it is so important to invite others to come unto Christ whether they are ready to receive the true gospel or not. Wearing the name tags, we are held to a higher standard of representation. This makes it more crucial that we act as
Christ would and I have really seen so much happiness come from that this week. (I'm going to use names so hopefully you can keep up) Monday night we had a good discussion with Jeani. She is so ready to be baptized and I'll talk more about that later. After we escaped Jeani's house we headed over to Fernando's because we had gotten him a el libro de Mormon. He wasn't home but his son answered the door and was open to talking with us. He began to tell us how he was struggling with his own faith because of certain things. And those certain things
are for the most part addiction. He said that he feels god sent us there for a reason. That reason being to help him with his faith. We conversed about Christ and shared the message of the restoration with Junior. We invited him to be baptized and he declined in the moment. Though he was extremely receptive to the Book of Mormon and the
restoration. He felt a bit better by the end and told us he was excited for us to come back. We went back the next morning and started to get to know him better and just chat about the gospel. He had actually read the chapter we left him with and he told us he knows the Book of Mormon is true and that Thomas S. Monson was a true prophet on this earth today. He used the prophets name and everything! Elder hunt looked at each other shocked! He continued to talk about our church and he said he won't get baptized basically because he is worried
about leaving his church because they say not to go to other churches. Kinda interesting and tough to to hear but we understand that it isn't going to be easy for him to just leave the church he's known his whole life. We talked more about the gospel and a little about the plan of salvation and planned another time to meet. We didn't make it back over until Friday and we brought a member back with us this time. We got there and asked him if he was able to read the chapter we gave him and he said no I'm so sorry I threw it away. So I asked him what happened and he said that it was sitting on his dresser and it was just consciously bothering him to have it there. I believe what he said right there shows the power of sin. Just having the Book of Mormon, which he knows is true, in the same room as him guilt trips him so much he had to throw it away. This is where our statement comes in. We are not there to baptize in the moment. We are there, to comfort this young man and help him see that he isn't Too far lost. Christ atoned for all of our sins. When we left he was still really down on himself. But it was really awesome to realize our purpose out here. There was another time later in the week where we met with a 20 year old kid named Austin. He has no hope in life. Has no direction or goals and feels so lost. He is addicted to hard drugs and is trying to get out of that. He said he isn't interested in religion right now because he has other things to focus on like finding a life. As we
talked with him both elder hunt and I grew such a strong love for him. We talked with him about the power of Christ and just tried to be his friend. We got to know him really well in that short hour and we pray that we can help him. It is amazing to feel just a glimpse of Christ's
love for that young man. Anyways the rest of the week went really well. Tuesday we did service for Eliane again and that was another time where our purpose was
highlighted. We showed up and she was shocked. She said my husband didn't scare you away?! I thought for sure you wouldn't come back! Haha we thought it was funny. It is so great to serve those who think we are there just to convert and see them realize that we are just servants of the lord and we aren't just trying to baptize them. We did our service and afterwards tried to share a message but just got to listen to her insane ideas. Haha i wish ya'll could hear some of the things people say and believe! Later on we met with a man named Glenn. He served in the military and he's a really great guy. He is strong in his beliefs but was very open to discussing things with us. We just talked about our beliefs together and focussed on the differences. He
is really caught up in the Book of Mormon because of revelations 22:19. We didn't want to "bash" or prove him wrong but he wanted us to because he wants to know what we believe. So we explained how the books in the bible weren't configured when that was written by John
the revelator and that he was on an island by himself and blah blah blah. And then he was caught up on the trinity. But he was really nice and open to us and it was actually a great discussion! Wednesday we spent a lot of time with our district. We had a district meeting and went to lunch together. It's great the relationships we build out here so fast. I love my district and we have so much fun
together. We ate dinner that night with brother breakface and then went to an 8th grade football game to watch a kid who has been coming to church and mutual and that was really cool. It's crazy the junior
high football fields are nicer than the high school fields back at home. Later on we went to one of our new ward missionaries house. The verwers. They Are a super young couple and they are amazing. We are so excited to work with them because they are just on fire. They spoiled
us with some crepes and blue bell and we talked about missions and their missions. Thursday was a long weekly planning session but we went out and got to teach a couple lessons. We met with Aj that night and gave him a white shirt and tie. He was so pumped. We took a priest who struggles with self esteem with us to that. His name is Bennet and Aj actually wants Bennet to baptize him but Bennet keeps saying he doesn't feel he is
the man for the job. We kept trying to explain to him that he is but he wouldn't agree. So we planned to take him out and just give him a great night. We picked him up, got to know him. we were being loud and being boys and just the weird missionaries we are and got him to laugh a little but and got him to start using our phrases and hand signs we do and just had a great time with him. As we got to aj's house he told us he isn't sure that Aj is ready to get baptized and we explained to him that he is and why he is. He told us ok I trust you guys. The
lesson with Aj went wonderful. He showed his excitement of getting to do missionary work himself and showed that he is converted. He gave the prayer at the end and in his prayer he said "thank you lord for Bennet and his example because without him I wouldn't be where I'm at
today." Now how wonderful is that? We got in the car and he was totally changed. Ready to do the baptism and he knew Aj was ready himself. He was so happy and excited when we dropped him off. Man it was great to see him like that and see the power of the spirit in prayer.
Saturday was a beautiful day. We got up in the morning and went for a bike ride and it was in the 60's. And it didn't get over 80 all day. The weather is really starting to cool down. We went out to Jeani's to meet with her neighbor that morning and he was very contentious and
and vulgar about some of our beliefs. We just sat and listened to him and told him he can't learn because he isn't ready and open. It was actually quite funny for both of us. The power in our calling is amazing. Neither of us got mad or offended. It just went right around us like we had a shield around us is what Jeani later said. What was
so cool was Jeani got fed up with listening to him and just bore strong testimony to him and he shut up and was respectful after that. Jeani is a trooper and she is going to be a great missionary. She has already given a Book of Mormon away. We ended up teaching a ton that
day. At the end of the day we taught a man named Richard. We aren't sure what disability he has but it may be a sort of autism. He is highly intelligent in religion and politics but has some disability. He wanted to know about our church so we gave him a Book of Mormon and
he is flying through it. He asked us when he can get baptized! Haha so we invited him to church and went to his house the next morning to see if he was still coming and he was all dressed up ready to go an hour
early! When he got to church he walked up to me and said thanks for converting me! Haha he's awesome! Part of his disability is he asks tons of questions. At church he sat in silence the whole three hours and after we asked him what he learned and he said the importance of
families, honesty and how to sing hymns. I get so excited talking about it! He's such a cool kid! Sunday was wonderful. We had 5 investigators at church, 2 of which are getting baptized on Saturday! We are so excited!
I could talk about so much more but it would take years.

Thank you for
All the support! I love you!

Signing out,
Elder Baker


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