February 8, 2016


Leon Springs/Fair Oaks


Elder Arciniaga

We have been doing a lot of finding...

We have been doing a lot of finding these last couple weeks and it is really paying off. One phrase we do our best to stand by while finding is teach while you find and find while you teach and also talk with everyone. Which is literally everyone you see. And the Lord really blesses us with people to teach when we follow this. This past Monday
we had an appointment set up that was pretty far out. We drove out there, got to the sisters house, knocked on the door and she answered and said I'm so sorry my son is sick we are going to have to
reschedule. That isn't super uncommon. It happens but we had just driven like 15 miles out and didn't have anything else scheduled out there. We had some potential investigators to stop by in the area so we went to one street and we got out of the car right in front of a man working on his car. We walked up to him and started talking to him
and he was really nice and open. He expressed concerns about churches teaching one thing and doing another and churches teaching to gain
numbers and money. These things in s sense are what Joseph Smith experienced as well when describing the bible to be a battleground. We
explained this to him and tied it back to the restoration and had a great lesson with him. He said he had a Book of Mormon already so we
invited him to read a chapter. This wasn't something super crazy but I love to see how the Lord guides us and how his hand is in every part
of the work.

This is unrelated to the work but we had dinner with a family on Tuesday, the Mckee's, and I loved their property. They had a little house on 5 acres and it was out away from everything. Something that I always find interesting is how many deer there are here. They had about 20 deer hanging out in their back yard and like 6 of them bucks.
One of the deer would even eat right out of your hand.

We had some really lessons throughout the week. Friday we met with the Boerner's and had such a powerful lesson. You could see the spirit working within Vic. And we could see that he was ready for baptism. We invited him to be baptized and he said "Oh it'll come in it's own time." And we knew that was him just being a stubborn old man. He told us "I wasn't going to tell you this but I don't think Im going to be drinking coffee anymore." So basically saying he was ready to be baptized but he wants it to be his timing. We knew that so we set an appointment for the next night. We went back Saturday night with a member. We planned to talk about procrastinating our repentance and taking steps forward in faith but that's not exactly how it went. If I haven't said so already Vic loves to tell stories. I have just about every one of his stories memorized because he tells them so many times. And to be honest they are horrible stories. A lot of the time they are stories about himself from someone else's perspective. He basically talking about how humble he is. It's pretty funny. Anyways Vic jumped in and told so many stories. Just about every on he has. I was sitting there thinking "oh man this was a bad night to come over." We would jump in and get back on track. We would ask him a question and he would go into another story. At the conclusion of one of his stories he gets up to get a drink. Finally, I mean the man had to have so parched by this time. He takes a drink of water and says "So it all comes back to baptism." Even though his stories had nothing to do with baptism. He came back in the living room and stood in front of the couch and said "Well I think it's about time. I think it;s about time I get baptized." Honestly I was getting so tired and fighting sleep. But that woke me up real quick. He sat down and said "I didn't' have my coffee this morning and i don't plan on it tomorrow." I guess sometimes you have to listen to some people just a little more than others. At this point we knew all his stories word for word but we had to hear them all in one night. HaHa We set him for February 20th and will be helping prepare.

Yesterday we had a man named Skip attend church. Our ward mission leader had been working with him because he was living out of a tent near his practice. He recently got a job and has found a place to stay. He also decided he wants religion back in his life and asked if he could come to church. Bro Alexander brought him and he loved it. He was totally involved with Gospel Principles and shared his thoughts and feelings. WE set an appointment with him tomorrow night. As brother Alexander was taking him home he started talking about wanting to be baptized and quitting smoking. We are really excited for him.

Again the Lord is preparing people all around. I invite you all to take part in this great work. Reach out to someone and show them some love. I love y'all. Take care.

Elder Baker


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