February 22, 2016


Leon Springs/Fair Oaks


Elder Arciniaga

We are continuing to teach Skip

Good Morning and thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday this week. I hope everyone's week was great. We had a good week here and taught a lot.

A few highlights from the week:
We are continuing to teach Skip. He is becoming more and more
receptive and is starting to love the BOM. We taught him a couple
times this week. He expressed at the beginning of the week that he
doesn't really understand the BOM. The writing style is hard for him
to understand. We gave him a few tips I guess you could say on how he
can better understand. He texted us that night and told us he was
reading the chapter that we had left him with and then texted again
saying he had read it twice already. He attended Vic's baptism on
Saturday and really enjoyed it. Then on Sunday he told us he sat down
to read and just became more and more hungry for it as he read. He
also found a job that he starts today. He wants to be baptized. We
hope to set him with a date this week.

We met with Tedra a couple times this week. We solidified her
baptismal date and hope to help her progress towards that. She didn't
attend church because her cat was backed up and she had to take him to
the vet.

The big highlight of the week was Vic's baptism. I think I've told
y'all before Vic loves to tell stories but isn't too open about
spiritual things. He isn't one to share his testimony much. He had
some tender mercies shed on him that really strengthened his testimony
this week. On Wednesday we had his baptismal interview. Our district
leader and I were waiting at the church for them and he walks in. He
tells us "I know I must be doing the right thing." He then told us
about his day at work and how he had all this stuff come up that
would've caused him to work really late. He said a prayer and he said
about 10 minutes later it all fell into place and was taken care of
and he was able to make it to the interview. His baptism Saturday was
one of the most spiritual I've ever been in. He walked in with the
biggest smile on his face. The talks that were given were great. He
was baptized and then he got dressed and bore his testimony to
everyone. He said when he got up that he felt nervous. That isn't like
Vic either. He is a performer. It's good in a way though. At the end
he looked at me and said "I know the Mormon church is the true church
and Joseph Smith is a prophet." That's an inside joke. He also bore
his testimony in sacrament. He will receive the priesthood next week.

I love you all and hope y'all have a good week.

Elder Baker


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