March 7, 2016


Leon Springs/Fair Oaks


Elder Arciniaga

Dear everyone getting this,

Dear everyone getting this,

We had some pretty cool experiences this week.
Monday we taught a family we have met with a couple times. While we
were there the man started pilling out his snake collection! It was
pretty cool! He had an 18 foot Python. The thing was a monster. They
have about 20 snakes in this little apartment.
Tuesday we were finally able to meet with Tiffany and Christopher
again! We taught them the restoration and they loved it! Christopher
was so excited for us to come back. He downloaded the gospel library
on his phone and started reading before we even left! We are excited
to meet with them again.
Wednesday I went on exchanges with our district leader. We went and
worked in his area which is Kerrville. It was a cool little town like
Boerne. We came back Thursday morning to meet our companions and do
some service at a local food bank. Afterwards we went and ate at this
little old school diner place off of Main called Soda Pops. We walked
in and found out there was a challenge burger and only 3 people have
done it. It was too tempting and I gave in. You get your picture up if
you finish. It's called the double magnum and the patties alone are
two pounds of meet and it has jack cheese, green chiles and jalapeños.

On Saturday we had a family fair that one of our wards reserved booths for. We helped out with that for a few hours in the morning and talked to a lot of people. It was a good time. That night we had a powerful experience with a less active man. We stopped at his home and he let us right in. He told us he is less active but asked if we'd pray for him. His wife passed away this last December after they had been married for twenty years. He has two boys one 18 and one 16. This specific experience is very close to my heart. Mom and Dad have been married for 20 years and tuck and I are about those ages. We talked to him for a little bit and you could see the love he had for his wife. He wasn't a wreck but you could see the effect it was having on him. We prayed with him at the end. After the prayer he looked up with tears in his eyes and told us how much he has felt the power of prayer from others as he has been going through this.
The knowledge of the restored gospel is such a pearl. I hope y'all have a great week.

Elder Baker


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