April 4, 2016


Leon Springs/Fair Oaks


Elder Muhlstein

It was a wonderful week in the service of the Lord.

I apologize for the short letters the last few weeks. This weeks will
be a little short as well. It was a wonderful week in the service of
the Lord.

I think I have mentioned before the Frampton's. Brother Frampton is a
less active member and his wife is investigating. We met with them
this past Wednesday and our lessons with them go so great. She is
reading the Book of Mormon and she loves it. With them we talked about
prophets because of conference which was coming up. We asked them if
we could watch a session with them and they said yeah and we will feed
you! So we went over on Saturday, ate with them and watched the
morning session. She was more attentive than her husband was! And she
loved it! We pray that soon she will be able to recognize her answer
and she will see the truth.

Another family I believe I've mentioned is Steven and Cheyenne. We
were finally able to meet with them again after a couple weeks of a
crazy work schedule for Steven. When we sat down and started talking
with them he said that for the past two weeks at work he has been
thinking about Joseph Smith's experience in the Sacred Grove. He said
there was something that touched him as he heard that. We taught the
Plan of Salvation and as we were talking about that, before we had
even talked about the 3 degrees, he said "One thing that made me turn
away from religion when I was young was the whole Heaven and Hell
thing. I don't see why if God loves us he would send us to either
Heaven or hell if we do one thing wrong and don't confess to a
preacher." What a golden comment!! After that we taught the 3 degrees
and he said it made complete sense. We are so excited for them.

I hope everyone was able to enjoy conference this past weekend. There
were so many wonderful talks. Getting to hear the inspired words of
our beloved brethren is one of the great privileges we have today
because Christ's church has been restored. I hope y'all have taken
advantage of that. I hope your week is wonderful.

Elder Baker


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