June 6, 2016


Llano/Marble Falls


Elder White

Visit from Abuelita, Jeannie and Diana

Good afternoon!
This week was a week full of service. We did service every day but
Saturday and Sunday! It was a blessing to be able to do so much. We
moved a lot of people and also helped a member who's basement caved in
and flooded from the rain. It was sad but we were happy to help.
Tuesday was interesting. There was a crazy lightning storm and it
rained so hard we had to stay in most of the day hours.
Wednesday we were able to meet with Devonte again. It went really
well. We read a chapter of the Book of Mormon with him. As we were
reading he recognized that it teaches the same doctrine the bible
does. He had great questions that we were able to answer. We are so
happy to see him progressing. After Devonte we had a lesson with the
Shannon family. They are a returning less active family. Brother
Shannon is preparing to get the Melchizedek priesthood and they are
preparing to go to the temple. We are teaching him about the
priesthood and he has a hard time repeating what he learns. He almost
gets intimidated and nervous to answer and answers a question in a
round about way. This week through the spirit we were able to figure
out the key to it. It was amazing. He has an incredible love for his
kids. They are his life and you can see it in everything he does. We
noticed that when we ask him questions from the perspective of his
children and he was able to answer the questions we asked him perfect.
Saturday Jeannie, Diana, and Abuelita drove out to Llano and took
Elder White and I out to lunch. I was so happy to see all of them.
They are some of the people who have made my mission incredible and
are so close to my heart. Diana is doing amazing of course after her
baptism. Jeannie is coming close to the temple. She is planning on
going in October and I am so excited for that. They are both on fire
right now and are aiding in sharing the gospel with tons of people.
Abuelita is just the best and I miss living with her.

Sunday we had a Tri stake conference that by the end turned out to be a quad stake conference! If you didn't catch it they formed another new stake! The general authorities Elder Keetch and Elder Southward addressed us. It was great hearing from them. 4 new wards, a branch, and a stake were formed. The TSAM area is on fire. Is it so exciting to see the Lord's work pressing forward like this and seeing his kingdom be built up. This is the second new stake I have had the privilege of being a part of as it was formed and the third new stake that has been formed since I've been here. It's so great.
I am grateful for these things. They are just more testaments of truth. The Lord will build his kingdom, as so he is. I love the restored gospel and am thankful for it in my life. I hope y'all have a blessed week.
Elder Baker


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