June 13, 2016


Llano/Marble Falls


Elder White

I hope y'all enjoy these emails.

Good Afternoon! I hope y'all enjoy these emails. It sure is a blessing
to be able to share these experiences. They can be considered sacred.
I hope you can feel the spirit in them.

This last Tuesday we drove out to Tow which is quite a ways for us.
This is only our second time making it out there. We had a super good
day. One of the highlights of the day was meeting Joyce Pringle. We
were visiting the last less active we had planned for the day. It
didn't pan out so we started knocking down that street. We saw a woman
and some kids sitting out on a porch so we walked up and said hello.
She welcomed us to come sit down and got us some water. She was super
nice. We started to ask her some questions about her beliefs and one
of the first things she said was she doesn't believe you have to go to
a church or be a part of one. The kids were her grandkids. We shared
with her and one of her grandkids the restoration. At the end she told
us "As my time on earth becomes more finite I'm realizing God has on
order to things. I need structure to my religion." We invited her to
read the BOM and she was super excited to read it.

Things with Devonte are going well. The last time we met with him this
week he told us "I have been just waiting to read the Book of Mormon
when we meet but I realize that I need to take initiative and read for
myself to get my answer." It was super awesome.

We had a great lesson with Destiny as well. We were able to set her
with a baptismal date for July 9th.

President Slaughter called a conference this week. We got the whole
Austin area together and President gave us a final training. It was
great. It was also good to see a lot of people.

A lot of miracles again this week. The Lord continues to guide us.
Transfers are tomorrow. I will be staying and will be companions with
Elder Trent. We will be double covering Marble Falls and Llano branch
in the new Cedar Park Zone. I hope everyone's week is great

Elder Baker


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