June 20, 2016


Llano/Marble Falls


Elder Trent

Happy Late Father's Day

Happy late Father's Day to all of the Dad's. Especially the one on the
beach right now.

This week was interesting for us in Llano and Marble Falls. It was a
little messy getting everything in order but we have most of it
figured out now. It was still a great week though.

Tuesday we had transfers and we had to take some missionaries back to
their area. It was great because we got to drive through my first
area!! I was so happy. It was super cool to drive back through there.
And being there we stopped at Torchie's for lunch:)

That night we got a referral from a member who seems to be pretty golden. As soon as we texted her she invited us over. We were able to go meet her and teach her right away. She had so many great questions and was so ready to read the Book of Mormon.

Thursday we got another member referral. Her name is Lea. She requested a blessing from us so we made the trek out to her home. She's a super sweet lady. We sat down with her and opened up right away. She told us of some things she is struggling with and broke down asking us for help. We were able to testify of the Atonement and the restoration and how the restored truths that we share will help her overcome the things she is struggling with. We shared some scriptures and a video. She was led to the church through a newspaper article that prompted her to start family history. While there for family history a member gave her a Book of Mormon. She pulled it out as we were teaching and asked us that we show her what chapters would help with her specific struggle. It was amazing to see her faith and preparedness. She had never read any of the Book of Mormon but recognized the power it has and was very ready to act on that.

Yesterday 2 converts were confirmed. These experiences never fail to excite me and touch my heart.

The faith that Lea was able to have in the Book of Mormon is one that we all have. As we go through trial this is one of the first places we should turn. It will give us our answers. I pray that we all may do so. I hope everyone has a great week. Cruzar los dedos que los hispanohablantes entenderían cuando leí El Libro de Mormón a ellos en Español. Te amo.

Elder Baker


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