July 11, 2016


Llano/Marble Falls


Elder Trent

Miracles left and right

Good Afternoon! What a week for us here! We have been seeing miracles
left and right. I will share a few.

Monday we spent the day on the Lake at the McDougald's and experience
the Kingsland Aqua Boom which consists of many different things. While
we were at the McDougald's, Sister McDougald's son and family were
there as well. They are in the Marble Falls Ward, the Matcek's. Sister
Matcek has a nephew who has come to stay with them and she asked that
we teach him. He has had a rough background and is trying to get his
life straight. Something the gospel helps with immensely. William is
21. We had planned another time to teach him but he ended up showing
up to spend the evening there as well so we decided to teach him later
in the evening. Sister Matcek had also been asking us to encourage her
older daughter to look forward to institute and to have her boyfriend
come to church. He isn't a member. He ended up showing up as well. So
later that night we sat down with the William and Tristan as well as
the family and taught a restoration lesson. It was great because both
Brother and Sister Matcek are converts to the church and were able to
bear testimony of the changes they have seen because of the restored
gospel. We met with William again later that week and he told us some
goals he has. One of which being able to raise a family in unity with
a spouse. Is that not exactly a huge purpose of the gospel? We taught
him the plan of salvation and it related to his situation perfect. He
came to church on Sunday and to a baptism after church. We are very
excited for him.

Wednesday we received a self-referral. Hi name is Tony Flores. He is
someone that Elder White and I contacted once a left him with a
pamphlet. He is 24. He told us when we contacted him he wasn't
interested but was very nice. He took that pamphlet and something
urged him to read it. It taught about the restoration. He read it over
and over and he wanted to learn more so he requested a Book of Mormon.
We called him and set up an appointment for Thursday. We brought him
his Book of Mormon and sat down to talk about what had made him
request one. He said "While y'all are here, can you answer some
questions for me?" Of course we did. We love to answer questions. He
asked many sincere questions. One thing he mentioned was something he
remembered us saying when we first contacted him. He said "Y'all said
families can be bonded for eternity. I've never heard that. How can
you do that?" We answered all he had for us and he was ecstatic to
read the Book of Mormon.

Those are only a couple. So many good things are happening in this
area. We hope to help these miracles progress towards the kingdom. I
hope y'all have a great week and remember how much the Lord loves you.
I love y'all.

Elder Baker


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