July 18, 2016


Llano/Marble Falls


Elder Trent

Quick and busy week

This week was very quick and very busy for us. We are teaching many
and continuing to find more. We have been blessed. Nothing
particularly interesting happened this week with our investigators. We
have many who hope will progress soon and some who are already
progressing. We did have a couple experiences I would like to share
though. The first a sad but strengthening and the second just a fun

Last Sunday our Elder's quorum president asked us to visit someone who
had been on his mind. Tuesday we went out and did so. A little bit of
plot for you, it was in a bit of a frightening area. If any of y'all
are familiar with the hill country, it was a purple fence post kind of
place. Now there was nothing to where the spirit told us to leave but
it was down a one way dead end road back into the thicket. It was a
but of an adventure back in. To make it better we were told they have
mean dogs and dogs don't like missionaries. We got to the house back
by itself and knocked on my Je door on the side of the house. It
didn't look like a front door but it's the first thing we saw. No
answer so we walked around the home looking for another door and found
a covered porch. The only thing was, the mean dog that had been
described was sitting right in front of the door. I wasn't looking to
get eaten that day and neither was Elder Trent so we walked back to
the truck. We were getting in and a big man came walking out the door.
We got out and approached him. If any tension had been built up from
this story so far it should all be relieved. He was a super friendly,
big soft man. But here is the sad part. He served a mission in
Jacksonville, Florida. Not too long after returning from his mission
he became less active and hasn't been back in so,e hint like 15 years.
There was no reason for him leaving but that his wife wasn't a member.
He wants his family to be a part of the church but takes no steps
towards helping that become a reality. As we stood and talked with him
he told us so many stories about his mission. He told us how he had
brought many less actives back into the church. I think the most
disheartening part of this is the blessings that he and his family
could be receiving if he would live his covenants and be an example. I
pray that we can all live true to our faith and reap the blessings
that come from doing so.

On Wednesday night we had an appointment set up with a less active
member. He ended up not being there but his cousin who also has his
records with the Church was there and he came out to talk with us. He
was a clean looking rough man if that makes sense. He had many
tattoos, a big white beard, small round gages, a thick chain around
his neck, a hefty on each finger, a bald head, and a large dip in his
lip. (Yay for the rhyme) He was a very lean but muscular man. Some of
the biggest shoulders I've ever seen. I couldn't think of anything
that would produce such large shoulders but prison. Well it ended up
being exactly that and also that he has been a professional fighter
for years. I won't share a ton because people share many personal
things with missionaries and some of it may not be appropriate anyways
but I will share for those of you that are familiar with bikers. He is
a member of the bandits and he has his life patch. He told us some
stories and talked about being a changed man since he is no longer an
outlaw.mhe was easily the most interesting man I have ever met.

I love you and hope your week is great.

Elder Baker


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