August 23, 2016


Llano/Marble Falls


Elder Trent

"In the mission you are going to…...

I'm sorry I wasn't able to get an email sent out yesterday! We go
caught up with some stuff. Things here for us continue to go great. It
rained all week here and that seemed to slow things down a little for
some reason but it was still an amazing week.

I shared with my Dad recently that when President Polley was in the
MTC he had one of the apostles tell him "In the mission you are going
to the field is glowing with white and is very ready to harvest."
Elder Trent and I have definitely seen that firsthand. This next
Saturday we will be having the baptism of Mary Cruz. Her older brother
who is 18 has recently started coming to church and he absolutely
loves it. He is so prepared. Last night we were able to teach him for
the first time. He told us the faster he can learn all he needs to be
baptized, the better. Before we taught him we were going over some of
the baptismal interview questions with Mary Cruz and he was in the
room. He was answering all the questions and we were both blown away!
We hadn't even taught him yet! Then as we were teaching Armondo, his
cousin came in and sat down and wants to start meeting with us. It is
such a blessing to see the fire catch and spread throughout the whole

One less active family we are working with, the Curlee's finally made
it to church on Sunday and their son is going to be preparing to
receive the Aaronic Priesthood and the father is going to be preparing
to get the Melchizedek Priesthood and then they will be going through
the temple to be sealed. We met with them as well last night and you
could feel the excitement coming off of them. Brother Curlee was like
a little kid going to Disneyland. We are so happy for them.

Those are only two quick stories but they help to illustrate how great
things are going. To see these people take part in the ordinances of
salvation is such a blessing. It brings a happiness like nothing else.

This week in Sacrament we heard some talks on the ordinance of the
sacrament itself. One of the high counselors who spoke was my ward
mission leader in Leander and is from Chandler. He said when they
moved here to the Hill Country 4 years ago he felt like he was on
vacation because of how beautiful and green it is. He wondered if that
feeling would fade. He said it has a bit but he can always be reminded
of it as he drives through it. He compared this to the sacrament. The
sacrament shouldn't become something that dwindles in excitement or
feeling. It shouldn't become a rote thing, rather something we look
forward to every week. It is an ordinance we are blessed to take part
in weekly. Every single time we take part in it we are taking part in
the Atonement. This means every Sunday in that moment of taking the
bread and water we progress closer to our divine potential. What a
thought? Just another manifestation of our Heavenly Fathers love. He
gives us so many tools to happiness and the sacrament is one. I hope
we can use it in the way it is intended to be used. I love you and hope your week is great.Elder Baker


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