August 29, 2016


Llano/Marble Falls


Elder Trent

I have to say sorry to Mom…..

I have to say sorry to Mom for never building her a tough shed or a
chicken coop while being home. We have done a ton of construction
projects these last couple months after opening my mouth about being
in a carpentry class in high school. This week alone we built a 20
foot long by 8 feet wide deck with a 14 foot ramp. Then we re-roofed a
ladies home for her. It was a good amount of work and we really
enjoyed it.

We taught a lot this week and I probably say this every week but the
Lord continues to bless us with those who are prepared. The field
really is glowing white in this mission. We taught Armando quite a few
times this week and he is excited to be baptized on Saturday. The
second time we taught him he brought a friend with him. While we were
teaching he was bearing testimony and sharing truths that he has found
through the restored gospel with his friend. He is one who you would
deem 'on fire for the gospel.' In one lesson with he and his friend we
asked him one of the things that makes The Church different from all
others. He answered in talking about the Atonement and how through the
restored gospel we understand the Atonement so much more. He said "We
don't have to be perfect, because we aren't going to be. What matters
is that we are always trying our hardest to be better and do what's
right." That is a heavenly serenity to a missionaries ears. In essence
he said we won't be perfect but we must continually repent. Our
purpose is to 'Teach Repentance and Baptize Converts.' I can say with
confidence that he understands what it means to be confidence and that
we have been able to fulfill our purpose as the Lord's servants.

We had a few interesting experiences this week. We were going out to
teach another investigator who is on track to be baptized. We were
almost there and it started dumping buckets of rain on us. If any of
you are familiar with Texas rainstorms you'll understand that. Elder
Trent had to get out to open the gate and he got back in and was
already drenched. We went down the driveway and ran in the house. Our
investigator wasn't even home yet! So we sat with one of the family
members who was there and talked for a minute. He said they were
supposed to be having hay delivered that night. The Lightning started
up and was striking a couple miles away from us. Then boom!!!!!!!! A
bolt struck literally 10 yards from the house and all the power went
out. Then out the window we see the truck with the hay coming down
the driveway. He went outside to help with the hay so we are sitting
in this storm with the lights flickering on and off hoping no one is
struck by lightning. Eventually they get done and the truck gets stuck
in the mud. Then the rest of the family gets back and gets stuck in
the mud coming in. We thought we might be stuck there for the night.
It was already time for us to go home. Finally it stopped raining and
we were able to make it out without evening turning on the 4 wheel
drive. It was a crazy night.

Saturday we had the baptism of Mary Cruz. It went a little interesting
as well. We had a lot of people who were supposed to be part of the
program bail out last minute. Then before we started a baby in the
family started running a fever and we had to give him a blessing. We
were finally able to get started and everything went well the first
half of it. I was baptizing Mary Cruz in Spanish. I had been
practicing and memorizing the baptism in Spanish and had it down
great. I was able to say it with fluidity. Then I got down in the
water and my mind completely blank! I was able to rattle it out but it
was super choppy. Haha She was glowing after the baptism. She was so

At church on Sunday it was the most full the bishopric had ever seen
it and the spirit was so strong. I'm so grateful for all of the
blessings we are receiving. I hope that y'all are seeing those in your
lives as well. I love you.

Elder Baker


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