January 18, 2016


Leon Springs/Fair Oaks


Elder Arciniaga

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday! Well Kind of.. Just kidding it is! But a little sad in a
way as well.

This past week was great! I'm not sure if I mentioned but a week ago
Sunday we had dinner with an amazing family in the Leander ward, the
Loderup's. They invited over Diana and her fiancé Paul. Paul is a very
reserved kind of guy. In the beginning he wouldn't even really talk to
us or look at us. Slowly he has been talking to us more and more and
he accepted the invitation to dinner. It went really well and we were
able to teach the restoration at the end of dinner. On Thursday this
last week we ate dinner at Diana's house and he came down and ate
dinner with us again! Which is unheard of! He doesn't even come down
to eat when Diana's family is there. He was totally engaged talking to
us and everything! It was great! Then they attended a marriage class
the Loderup's did on Friday and Saturday with 5 other couples from the
ward. From what we heard it went really great. And then Sunday Diana's
daughter, Divine who is deathly shy, brought a friend to church and
they stayed the whole time! And they wanted to come again and meet
this next week. It is amazing to see how Diana's example to her family
and the faith she has, bring the miracles we have seen in the past
week. We have been blown away by them.

Tuesday we had Zone Meeting (with our 10 member zone) and we were able
to have interviews with President. That went really well and it was
great to hear from our leaders and from President. Also that night we
were able to set Rosalind, the "I'm a child of God" lady, with a
baptismal date. We are so excited for her.

Wednesday night we went on splits because we had so many appointments.
A priest from the Leander ward came with me. One lesson we had that
night was with a man named Roger. He lost his wife a few years ago and
it is heart breaking to see the effect it has had on him. He feels so
lonely and like there is no real purpose to life anymore. At this time
I was so thankful for the knowledge of the plan of salvation. Without
that knowledge I think it would be hard to see a purpose.

Two of our recent converts, Richard and Aj live in a group home with a
few other guys. Yesterday at 1:30 in the morning it caught fire and
burned down. They lost all of their things but thankfully they all got
out safe. We were able to visit them at the hotel they are at last
night and they are doing good for what happened but we are definitely
praying for them.

The work in the Leander/New Hope area is going so great. And I am sure
it will continue to. Now next week the investigator pool that I talk
about may sound a little unfamiliar. This is where the sad comes in.
Last night at about 10 we got a text from the APs asking us to call
them ASAP. We did and they said "Elder Baker, how fast can you pack?"
I knew right away what that meant. I've been Emergency Transferred to
the Leon Springs/Fair Oaks area in the Hill country stake. It is about
two and a half hours south from where I was. I am finishing the
training for the next 8 or 9 weeks of Elder Arciniaga who is from
Sacramento, California. I am sad to leave my first son, first area and
Abuelita but I am excited for the new area I am in. My new address is
125 crosspoint #4230 Boerne, Tx 78006.

I hope y'all have a great week. I love you.

Elder Baker


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