December 28, 2015


Leander, TX


Elder Mecham

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.

Merry Christmas! I hope everyone had a wonderful christmas. My
Christmas was filled with food, food and more food. Oh and talking to
the Family;) Just kidding that was by far the best part! I am so
thankful that I was able to facetime with them.

Christmas week was really good. A lot of good happened this week. Here
are just a few stories from the week.

Wednesday we were able to meet with a lady named Rosalind. She is an
investigator in the New Hope ward. We got to her house and she started
to tell us her whole story on coming to be a Christian. She was raised
on the Island that Pirates was filmed on so that is pretty cool. As
she was telling us she had said that she knows she is a child of God.
When she said that it sounded familiar and I thought "where have I
heard that? No not in the hymn! Where else? Rosalind... I'm a child of
God..." and then I remembered! At Wal-Mart!! I asked her where she
worked and she said at Wally World in Cedar Park. I knew it! My very
first P-day we went to Wal-Mart and while were checking out the lady
at the register told us she was investigating the church. And then she
threw her hands in the air and yelled "I am a child of God! I am a
child of God! I am a child of God!" in her thick accent. And now we
are teaching her!

We were able to meet Shannon and Scott and the rest of their family on
Christmas Eve. This family is so prepared. They had some questions
about how we were called and we were able to share with them the
Priesthood and what it was. They also had questions on Joseph Smith
and we were able to answer those as well. They told us how they really
feel like we were sent here for a reason and they basically bore
testimony of it. It was amazing.

Christmas day we were able to visit a few investigators and recent
converts. We had breakfast and dinner with great families in the ward.
And best of all we called home!!! It is sad the season is over already
but the great thing is we can remember Christ all year long. I love
you all and I hope your week is great!

Elder Baker


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