November 23, 2015


Leander, TX


Elder Mecham

I can't complain.

Another week in Leander. I can't complain. I love this area and all
the people in it.

Just a couple of this past weeks events that continue to show God
works miracles. I don't know if y'all remember Diana, She is one of
our "Golden" investigators. We have been trying to clear "blindspots"
in her home which are members of the household or family who aren't
yet sitting in on lessons, whatever the reason may be. One is her 15
year old daughter Divine. She has came down and sat in but she is very
shy and doesn't interact. She actually won't even look at us or talk
to us because she is so shy. She has been reading the Book of Mormon
with her mom every night and she loves it. But she won't yet admit she
knows it is true and I think that is just the teen mentality coming
out in her. haha Anyways Diana normally persuades her to come sit in
with us. The other night we went over and Diana had some questions we
answered and we shared some scriptures and then I asked why Divine
wasn't down with us and she said she was busy with some homework. I
told Diana to see if she would come down and so she called her on the
phone and said "come down here elder baker wants you." She came down
and we just talked to her and got to know her and what she likes and
her interests. We came the next night and she was already downstairs
sitting on the couch. She came down by herself and actually talked to
us and asked a ton of wonderful questions! Part way into the
discussion she said "we need to get dad over here." I paused and
looked at Diana and said "did you hear that?" and then looked back at
Divine and asked why she would want this for her dad and if she knew
that this was the true gospel and that the Book of Mormon was true and
she took a second and said "well yeah." I was so excited, the inside
of me wanted to jump out of my skin and start singing and dancing
around. It was such a wonderful thing to see her open up and finally
say that she knew this was true.
Also this week we had a baptism. Sister Davis who has been meeting
with missionaries for almost 2 years now was baptized on Saturday. It
was an amazing baptism. The spirit was so strong. Her husband (brother
breakface) baptized her. He just received the priesthood a few weeks
ago. I was privileged to give a talk at her baptism and also to stand
as a witness. This family now has their eyes on the temple in a year.
The feeling that brings is indescribable. I can't wait.
This week was full of meetings and conferences so their isn't a ton
interesting to tell. But that doesn't take away from how great the
work is. I hope y'all have a wonderful thanksgiving. I am thankful for
the Lord and for the sacrifice he has given for us and for so much
more. I love y'all.
Elder Baker


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