November 16, 2015


Leander, TX


Elder Mecham

Bishop took us out golfing.

What a week! This week was a little different than normal but it was a
great one of course.
Monday our Bishop took us out golfing. After about nine holes he
decided he is never taking us again. I won't say why... haha He said
he is taking us to top golf from now on. After golfing we went out and
had a few great lessons.
Tuesday we helped put up Christmas lights for a man that does a light
show. He showed us a small preview of it and it was amazing. After we
were finished with service we had our ward mission pick us up to take
us to an appointment we had planned. I can't remember if I mentioned
last week but we had felt an impression to go to a house across the
street of a part member family so we did and the woman said that she
was busy. We asked if we could come back and she told us we could and
that she actually had a lot of unanswered questions. We were really
excited and set up to come back this last tuesday. We did and Tamica,
the lady we had met, wasn't home but the woman who answered the door
invited us in. Long story short 19 people live in this one home
together! And they are all interested! They had great questions. They
were asking how a preacher can just preach without anyone calling him.
Really? Can people be more prepared? We shared the message of the
restoration with them and they loved it. They had told us about Tamica
and the questions she has. And they directly related to the plan of
salvation. We set up another appointment and walked out of there like
little kids walking out of a candy store. We were so excited. If I
didn't mention we had transfers this last Thursday. We get an email on
Tuesday night simply saying go or stay. On the way back home from the
lesson the phone rang and I answered. It was the APs and they asked to
talk to Elder Hunt. I handed the phone up to him and started laughing
and saying "you're going to be a district leader!" He got off the
phone and he said we have to go down to San Antonio tomorrow morning
for a meeting. I gave him a "I told you!" They didn't tell what the
meeting was for but we knew it was a district leader training. I was
so excited for Elder Hunt but of course a little sad because that
meant I would be losing him. We didn't do much else that day but pack
and have dinner. Our dinner was something special though. One of the
young women in our ward made us Nookies which are deep fried balls of
cookie dough. Death I know.
Wednesday we headed down to San Antonio to the meeting. I was grateful
to be able to sit in on it. It is always a privilege to hear the
inspired words of our great leaders here in the TSAM. That took a lot
of the day plus packing but we did have a busy evening.
Thursday was transfers. I was sad to be losing Elder Hunt and happy to
be staying in Leander. It was a definite bitter sweet moment. We were
sitting in transfer meeting and listening to call outs and it got to
Leander. Elder Rasmussen said "in Leander ward Elder Baker will be
training Elder Mecham." I was so excited. Elder Hunt had been messing
around telling me I was going to be training so he hugged me and gave
me a "i told you" right back. Elder Mecham is from Henderson, Nevada
and we are already getting along great. Elder Hunt is now a district
leader not far from here. He actually still meets in the same building
we do.
Saturday was a wonderful day full off teaching experiences. The
coolest was probably with the family of 19. We taught 3 of them that
day and they all 3 committed to be baptized in December.
Sunday was phenomenal. Most of the family came so we had 16 people at
church. I love Leander and the work the Lord has prepared here.
I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week.

Elder baker


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