November 9, 2015


Leander, TX


Elder Mckay Hunt

What a week

November 9th, 2015
What a week. You would think we can't get any more busy than we
already have been but that has been proved wrong. I hope y'all had a
good week as well.
Monday night we had two wonderful lessons. One with the Goodman
family. The parents were both baptized within the last year and sister
Goodman is a strong convert. She has two older boys. One 15 and one
11. You can see the desire she has for both her boys to have the
gospel in their lives. It is very inspiring. We had a strong
restoration lesson with the two boys and we hope they continue to
progress. Later we met with a man who was excommunicated from the
church. Right now all he asks of us is to read the Book of Mormon with
him and his daughter every Monday night. You can see his desire to
become a member of the church again. He has come to church the last
two weeks with his daughter and it has been such an exciting
Tuesday we got the privilege of going on exchanges with our zone
leader, Elder Iverson. Elder Tovar, his companion, well now previous
comp was emergency transferred the day before to be the new AP. The
exchange ended up being a trio because of that. We went to Elder
Iverson's area for the day and taught some people over there. The
coolest experience we had was with a less active man. We were at his
home for a long time. We listened to him talk to us. He told us about
his life and he talked about being married in the temple and some
experiences he has had in the celestial room. He talked about the best
and happiest time was being the Elders Quorum President. Eventually he
broke down in tears. He told us that he is expecting to be
excommunicated soon and it scares him more than anything. This man had
such a strong testimony. He had just fallen into some traps and not
done the things necessary to get out. It was a powerful experience.
Something you have to experience or yourself. He asked or a blessing
afterwards and we did so. I am so thankful for the different
experiences out here.
Wednesday morning the same man I just talked about met us at the
church to do morning studies with us. This is a man who has true
desire. He could have just as easily not shown up. There were many
excuses he could have made. But he wants to get back on track. This
really highlights Elder Uchtdorf's last talk when he says "We do not
need to be 'more' of anything to start to become the person God
intended us to become." He says all we need is to be willing, have a
desire, and trust in the lord to paraphrase. And you can see all of
that in this man. And as he exercises his faith one can see God work
his miracle. The exchange ended that morning. It was wonderful to be
able to go out with Elder Iverson. Afterwards we headed to District
meeting. The district is going to be pretty different soon which is
really sad. One sister is going home and the rest of us have been here
for a while so some of us will probably be leaving this week. The rest
of that day was great. We had service and 4 lessons. We ate dinner at
a hispanic family's home and had some real Mexican food, it was yum.
Sister West had dinner with us that night. Elder Hunt and I are trying
to learn some Spanish and he loves to make words up and it makes me
laugh so hard. Sister West gets so upset. They spoke spanish most of
dinner and he would make up his words. It was a good night.
The rest of the week was wonderful. We had a ton of wonderful lessons
with wonderful people. We had one great lesson this week with a man
who has to be an anti author. He knew so much about the church and
every point we brought up he had a rebuttal for. Well the lesson
wasn't so much as great but it was really a testimony builder. In 2
Nephi it talks about the opposition the church will face and it is so
true. Something with as much opposition as the church has, has got to
be true. Not that my testimony rests on that but it is definitely a
testament to me.
Saturday we had a really neat experience. There was a less active
family we started meeting with a while back and they have started
coming to church. On saturday the youngest daughter was baptized in
the stake youth baptism and we were asked to stand in on her
confirmation and 4 others. Those experiences are very powerful and I
am so thankful for them. The Leander ward is great. They are really
our family away from home.
I am thankful for the examples of y'all. I hope your week is bliss. I
love you, the Lord loves you, and satan hates your face.
Signing out,
Elder Baker


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