October 26, 2015


Leander, TX


Elder Mckay Hunt

It is amazing the miracles we see as we continue to be obedient and work diligently.

October 26, 2015
Good afternoon. It's nice to be able to write to y'all and reflect on
the week. Thank you for the support and emails i've gotten from anyone
who has sent one.

It is amazing the miracles we see as we continue to be obedient and
work diligently. On Tuesday morning Elder Hunt and I were doing some
planning for the day and we were trying to figure out who we could
invite to the trunker treat. I looked at elder Hunt and said "We need
to stop messing around with these individual investigators. We need a
family." We decided to go over to the house of the little girl who had
invited us to her birthday party. We had talked to them about coming
over to get to know their family more but they showed no interest in
the church at all. They talked about their beliefs and sounded pretty
strong in them. Because of this we didn't expect much but of course we
are going to go for it. That night when we went over we talked with
them and they told us they are actually looking for a church that has
a good youth program for their oldest son. They also mentioned how
they can't find a church that does the sacrament and where the members
dress nice and they really want that. Our minds were blown. The
father, Scott, talked about how he had grown up next to an LDS family
and watched 2 of the sons go on missions and was fascinated with that.
When he was on tour in the army he attended LDS services regularly.
His daughter loves us and they are now friends with a family in our
ward. Tell me that the Lord did not prepare this family. We walked out
of there so excited for them. They also said the would come to the
trunker treat. We stopped by a couple days later to invite them again
and Scott had read the 2 chapters we had left him with and enjoyed
them. They ended up actually coming on Saturday to the trunker treat
and their son walked in and met a friend and took off with him the
whole time. The girls loved it of course and about a million members
of the ward introduced themselves and invited them to church.
Unfortunately, on Sunday, they weren't able to stay the whole time.
But they came for the first 2 hours and the girls stayed for all 3!!!
Even more members introduced themselves at church and they felt so
welcome. I continue to pray to see these family going through the
temple about a year from now. I am so excited for them.
Diana, one of our investigators who will be baptized in the next month
or so, got her son who is 19 and her daughter who is 15 to sit in with
us. All we need is here husband now and we get another full family.
That lesson was a very powerful one. Her son, sky, just got out of
jail and is trying to turn his life around. I have so much love for
him its crazy. He is having a tough time changing but he has a ton of
desire to change and you can see it.
Yesterday we got another family! This was a referral from a young man
in our ward. He came with us and they were very interested. They also
have been exposed to members their whole life. The kids go to a school
called founders which is basically a mormon charter school like ALA
and the father grew up in Hawaii and is very familiar with BYU and our
church. Our stake president used to live next to them and they loved
him. He told us "It says no soliciting on the door but you guys are
the only ones allowed." It was pretty awesome to hear him say that.
Another family that has been prepared by the Lord and we hope to see
them progress.
We got a lot of rain this weekend which was really nice. They weather
dropped down to about 60 and it felt great. On Saturday it rained all
day and Elder Hunt talked Jeannie, one of our recent converts, into
letting us do service. We got there and she said "Are you sure you
want to do this?" and i said "no elder hunt is insane! it is
freezing!" She started laughing and said something about me being an
Arizona boy and I guess i definitely am. It ended up being pretty fun
though getting soaked and digging up plants.

This work is the lords work and as we have faith and do what we are
asked to he grants his promises to us. It is amazing to see the
promises unfold. I love y'all. Have a wonderful week.
Elder Baker

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