October 5, 2015


Leander, TX


Elder Mckay Hunt

First day of zeros

This week was a bit slower so the email won't be as interesting. It
was still a great week though.

We spent most of Monday night at Bishop Fullmers house talking with
him about some things we are going to be doing and getting a ton of
names. Bishop and his family are great. Earlier in the night we had
played some doubles ping pong with him and his son and they got into
it. And they were talking trash and getting mad at each other when the
other messed up, it was quite hilarious.

Tuesday was the big day. Transfer calls. For most of that day went to
all of the names bishop had given us and they were either less actives
or part member families. One man we stopped by that day seemed like an
awesome person. He definitely helped me realize some things. His name
is Gary and Gary lived a righteous life for 27 years. He served a full
time mission and after his mission continued to study and pray
everyday. He was married and sealed in the temple. He told us that he
was pretty much forced on his mission. He didn't have much of a
testimony at that point. He said he went through his whole mission
trying to gain one. And continued after his mission for 8 years. And
he never did. He told us if God wants him back he knows how to reach
him. He said he wouldn't even mind a little alma the younger. He said
I gave 27 years of my life to the gospel and received nothing back. It
was really sad to hear this. I couldn't understand why he never gained
a testimony. But as I pondered it I realized he never had an open
heart to these things. He wasn't willing to accept these things. It
was very sad to hear this mans story. We continued to contact the
names we received. One woman is pretty active but none of her family
is. Her home was the most beautiful thing I've seen. There are some
amazing country homes here. Her home is on the edge of this 60 foot or
so wall above a river and it overlooks the beautiful hill country. She
had a raised patio in her back yard that we sat out on and talked and
I was so in awe by how amazing it was. I wouldn't have minded sleeping
up,there for the rest of the day. Later that night we received our
transfer calls. All it is now is a email that says stay or go.
Thankfully both of ours said stay. We were both so excited.

Wednesday we had our last district meeting with elder Godfrey. I was
really sad about that. We clicked right away and had a great time
together. That day went well. We continued to go to names we had been
given. One less active had moved and the person currently living at
that home was super nice and invited us in. We shared a great lesson
with him and are hoping to meet again soon. Later in the day we were
sitting in the car and these kids came up and asked if we would play
basketball with them. We couldn't say no so we said why not for like
10 minutes. We played with them and then sat them down on the curb.
Keep in mind this was a rowdy bunch of kids. We got them all,sitting
down and played the he lives video for them. They were dead silent the
whole time. It was such a good experience.

Thursday we went to transfer meeting. That was pretty amazing. It's
fun to see all of the new kids come in. It was also good to see all
the other elders and of course get to hear president talk. Elder
Godfrey is now a zone leader in San Antonio which is great.

Friday we got up at 5:45 and went into seminary. We talked to them of
course about missionary work. At 8 we had a guy that wanted to meet us
at Starbucks. His lesson was awesome but that's a story for another
time. Then we did service from 9 to about 1 or 2. It is so cool to see
the trust people have in us. They open up to us and tell us the most
personal things. They notice us a servants of the lord.

Saturday was my first day of zeros but I can blame that on conference.
Conference was really good. Sunday we had a few lessons and conference
was good then as well. Conference out here is like the World Series
back at home. It's exciting.

I love you all.

Signing out,
Elder Baker


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